5 Most Important WordPress Design Elements

Businesses of all sizes need an internet presence since most customers go online to shop for products or hire services they need. WordPress is one of the most popular CMS or content management systems used for building and hosting websites. It is easy to use, and it also comes with several customizable themes and plugins. Your WordPress site design is essential to ensure a positive user experience and increase conversions. Below are five crucial design elements to consider in your WordPress website development.

Site responsiveness

One of the vital things to consider when designing your WordPress site or any other website is responsiveness. A responsive site will automatically adjust the display depending on the device used. Whether the users are using a small or big screen, they will see your content correctly and navigate your site without difficulties. Make sure that you choose a responsive WordPress theme. If users cannot access your site correctly on different devices, including their mobile phones, you will lose the chance of reaching them and converting them into paying customers.

Brand consistency

Your WordPress site is a representation of your brand. Therefore, its design needs to be consistent with your branding on all other platforms and materials. For instance, use the same logo and motto or tagline of your company. It will help with your brand recall. If users are already familiar with your company, they can tell right away that it is you when they visit your site; there will be familiarity. It also helps build confidence and trust. If you are just starting and don’t have a logo yet, create a logo design that best represents your brand. Besides the usual image logo, you may also consider using a text logo. The latter doesn’t have to be boring as there are several font styles and colors to choose from. Plus, you can play with its design too.

Easy to read texts

Use font style and size that are easy to read. Making the fonts too big can occupy too much space, and it can also be challenging to read since users may need to keep scrolling. Small texts will also be hard to read as users may need to zoom in to better view. Consider the spacing too. If texts are too tight, they will look too busy and cluttered if the space is too much. Find the right balance to ensure the readability of your content. If users find it difficult to read, they will leave your site, and they may also leave a bad review due to their negative experience.

Neutral colors

Some sites need to use bold and bright colors because of their branding. However, it doesn’t work for all websites. Unless your branding fits that, it’s best to use neutral colors as they are easy on the eyes. They also work well with black fonts, which is the usual font color on most content. Use 2 to three different neutral colors throughout your page.

Use of plugins

One of the advantages of using Seota WordPress Agency for your site is it offers room for growth and customization. There is a wide range of plugins available to improve the functionality and efficiency of your site. Some common plugins that businesses use let you create forms, analyze your performance and send push notifications to visitors. These plugins also use your resources, so make sure that you only incorporate useful ones for your site to avoid affecting its speed.

WordPress website development for excellent user experience

Keep these five elements in mind when designing your WordPress site to ensure that your visitors have an excellent user experience.

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