5 Key Benefits of Saving Emails As PDF

How do you print emails in Gmail? Although Gmail saves your emails effortlessly, but saving an email as a pdf file will serve as a permanent record of the email. Let me begin this post by saying that there are numerous benefits of saving your emails as pdf files, rather than accessing them online. I’ll quickly go over the reasons why, and you can also Check this Save Emails as PDF by cloudHQ a Chrome extension to create pdfs through browser.

Pdf files are more secure

Saving your emails as pdf’s is a great way to ensure future security. For instance, when you send an email that has a sensitive attachment, the attachment is not encrypted. The only person who can open this is the person who receives the email. If that person copies the information from the email or forwards it to someone else, then the sensitive information will be revealed. This is why there are ways of securing documents by allowing only authorized individuals to view them. Pdf files allow you to do this. If you save your emails in pdf form, you can password protect them and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.

In addition, saving emails as pdf’s reduces email clutter by eliminating all of the unnecessary information that typically clutters up an email such as headers and signatures. Saving emails in pdf’s also saves time because they are pre-formatted and allow you to take advantage of search functions and the ability to quickly find the specific document you need.

Pdf files are easy to send

PDF files are easy to send, regardless of the platform the recipient uses. You don’t have to worry about the recipient’s email client being compatible with yours. Additionally, PDF files can be read on a variety of different devices, including smartphones, tablets and e-readers. PDF files look exactly the same on all platforms, so you don’t need to worry that your document will look different when it reaches its destination.

PDF files are also searchable, so recipients can easily find specific information in them. This is especially beneficial for emails that contain a lot of text or images, such as newsletters or instruction manuals.

You can read pdf files in any device

PDF files can be read in any device, unlike other types of commonly used file formats. You can view them on both Mac and Windows computers, as well as on mobile devices.

This means you will always be on the same page as everyone who has access to the document. The formatting of PDFs also makes it so that the content is protected from modification and cannot be changed once saved.

Digital storage space is more efficient

While physical storage space is often more difficult to come across, digital storage space is not only more efficient, but more affordable. As more people switch to saving emails as PDF, they will find that they have more storage space available, and can actually afford to store more files than they ever could before.

PDF is print friendly

PDF files are print-friendly. If you want to print the email as it was sent, saving it as a PDF file ensures that the formatting will remain intact when printed. If you were to print an email as it appears in your inbox, the formatting would most likely be distorted.

Final thoughts

Are you ready to Install Save Emails as PDF? Saving your emails as pdf files not only allows you to quickly and easily search through them, but it is also a big help when you are filing items. All the emails are right there on one page and you can look through them in order or flip through them quickly. It would be a great time-saver while trying to send old email communications to clients who have requested them.

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