5 Huge Smartphone Mistakes Your Employees Make

Most employees will not think twice about connecting their corporate smartphone to a public network or calling a premium number. Yet, how a staff member uses a personal or company device can impact your business’s finances, cybersecurity and reputation.

Identifying common problems could help you develop a strict device policy in the workplace, protecting your company’s cash flow, network and image. Learn about the five huge smartphone mistakes employees make in this article.

1. Downloading Malicious Apps

Employees with poor cybersecurity knowledge might not give a second thought when downloading an app onto a personal or company device. Yet, many apps feature malicious components that could expose any stored business data. The apps might include spyware, adware or malware, which could allow a hacker to steal your company’s sensitive information or infect a device with viruses or ransomware.

2. Incurring Expensive UK Call Charges

As a company foots the bill for a corporate smartphone, your employees might not worry about UK call charges. Yet, different numbers will have different costs that could cause your business to receive an expensive smartphone bill.

For instance, your employees might spend much time calling a premium or mobile number, which can take its toll on your cash flow. For this reason, you must learn about UK call charges and encourage your staff to avoid telephoning expensive numbers, such as personal numbers (070) or sales and enquiry lines (084 and 087).

3. Mixing Personal and Business Data

If an employee has ever returned a company smartphone after leaving the business, you may have found saved family members’ phone numbers or discovered they accessed personal social media accounts on the device. If so, it is a sign that your staff member is more than happy to mix personal and business data.

Blurring the lines between business and personal life could lead to avoidable mistakes that may affect the company’s reputation. For instance, an employee might confuse social media accounts on their company smartphone, leading to a marketing mistake that damages the brand’s image. Also, they could call a client over a loved one during their spare time, which may cause frustration and a loss of custom.

4. Connecting to Unsecured Networks

In a world of remote and hybrid working, employees are using personal and business devices in public spaces more than ever. It might seem harmless to connect to a public Wi-Fi network in a coffee shop, library or restaurant, but there is no guarantee the internet connection is safe.

Employees who connect to public Wi-Fi networks will increase the company’s risk of:

  • Man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Evil twin attacks
  • Malware and viruses
  • Login credential vulnerability
  • Session hijacking

Protect your company’s sensitive data by installing a VPN on all corporate devices. Also, instruct companies not to store business data or access corporate accounts on personal smartphones, tablets and other technologies.

5. Retaining Data After Leaving the Business

As mentioned, your employees may choose to access business accounts on their personal devices. Unfortunately, the stored information could lead to a data breach when a team member leaves the business. For instance, they may continue to access the company’s accounts and sensitive information. Therefore, you must change all passwords when an employee leaves the business.

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