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From time to time, we tend to experience some sort of pain. It could be a toothache, joint pain, headache, backache, or any other type of pain. When one gets to experience pain, the very first thing that comes to mind is reaching out for a pain killer drug.

A lot of people depend on these medications, which actually work but not without side effects. The truth is, all of the different types of available painkillers do provide immediate relief, but it is not advisable to get used to them or become addicted to them.

Actually, the solution to your pain may just be in your kitchen by making use of natural herbs and spices. 

I know this probably may come as a surprise to you, but there are some herbs and spices that can actually help in treating inflammations and other associated conditions.

These plant-based options fall under a group of treatment known as alternative medicine, and you will be surprised as to how much these plants will help in relieving you of any pain you feel. 

That being said, this article seeks to provide you with some of the home remedies that you can use to relieve yourself of pain without necessarily taking any strong antibiotics.

  • Ginger

People have been making use of ginger to ease inflammation for decades now. Ginger is a herb that is used in several parts of the world for cooking. 

Apart from being an ideal digestive facilitator, ginger contains amazing antiseptic and anti-inflammatory components. Ginger can aid in curing body pain, and it is actually one of the best things to use for pains and aches.

How to prepare a ginger drink

  • Take two teaspoons of fresh ginger. You can wash, peel and grate the ginger into tiny bits.
  • Put a glass of water in a pot and let it boil. Add your grated ginger and let it sit for 10 minutes.
  • After that, strain the mixture and add a teaspoon of honey.
  • Drink it when it is hot (not too hot or cold).
  • Repeat this same process for at least a week, and you will be amazed by the outcome.

People who have peptic ulcers may feel a kind of burning sensation when taking this drink but trust me, it is very healthy and works wonders for the body.

One must avoid consuming a lot of painkillers when experiencing conditions of chronic pain. Natural remedies are often the best at healing such conditions. 

  • CBD oil

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD oil, has become quite common for the treatment of pain, inflammations, and other health-related discomforts. CBD oil comes from the cannabis plant (hemp plant and marijuana).

According to CBD Kyro, there are a lot of noteworthy differences between CBD and THC, which is also found in the hemp plant. It should be noted that it does not cause any type of high feeling like THC does. 

CBD oil works with some receptors in the body known as endocannabinoids that can be found in one’s immune system. 

CBD’s interaction with the receptors aids in creating anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects that can help in soothing headaches, back pain, joint pain, and even pain from arthritis. 

According to Daily CBD Mag, to make use of the CBD oil for your pain relief, you can apply a little bit of the oil to the affected area.

  • Turmeric

Turmeric is one of the spices used in making curry and responsible for its yellow color and distinctive flavor. It is made up of the compound curcumin, which is an antioxidant that aids in protecting the body from free dangerous molecules that can destroy body cells and tissues.

Turmeric is a top home remedy that can be used in treating several conditions, including; ulcers, stomach pain, and even indigestion. 

Some people with OA(Osteoarthritis) tend to make use of turmeric as a natural pain reliever because it greatly aids in soothing inflammation. 

  • Cloves

Whole cloves are commonly used in the kitchen to prepare several dishes, including spicing of meat and rice dishes. Just like any medication, you can get cloves in either capsule or powder form. Clove oil is also an extremely effective product. 

Like other herbal home remedy supplements, cloves can actually be used in treating several conditions such as; arthritic inflammation, toothaches, and even headaches. Cloves can equally be used as a portion of a topical pain reliever.

The active component that can be found in cloves is Eugenol, which is a natural pain reliever and has been used in producing over-the-counter pain rubs. 

Applying just small amounts of clove oil on the gum can help in temporarily relieving you of a toothache until you are able to see a dentist. Do not apply too much clove oil, though, because a lot can rather hurt your gums. In case you are experiencing any type of bleeding, then it is not advisable to use clove oil.

  • Heat and ice

Among the most common home pain remedies to easily get rid of any type of pain is applying heat and ice directly to the affected area. Though this is an obvious method of relieving pain, not everyone knows when to either apply heat or ice.

When experiencing swelling or inflammation after a strained muscle or tendon, applying a pack of ice to the area will help in relieving the pain. Once the inflammation has stopped, you can use heat to reduce the stiffness that usually comes with most sprains and muscle strains.

Ice packs can equally be used on the head to get rid of pain caused by a headache. For people who experience arthritis pain, apply heat to the affected joint to help get rid of the pain. This may be shocking, but it actually works better as compared to ice.

Moist heat packs can be rewarmed in the microwave and used several times, which makes them super effective and quite easy to use.

Every time you experience pain, you don’t have to take a trip to a pharmacy. The home remedies for pain described in this article may probably be effective for specific types of pain. Hence, there is a possibility that some of the provided solutions may not work in all circumstances.

Nonetheless, these home remedies may aid in providing you with some sort of relief before looking for drugs to consume. Bear in mind that any pain you experience is always trying to tell you something. The pain can be temporary and easily handled at home. If you experience any type of pain continuously for a long period of time, it is important to seek the help of a medical practitioner.

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