5 Great Button Badge Design Ideas

Are you considering using pin badges for your brand? Pin badges can be a great way of getting your message across to the general public, allowing for an accessible form of promotion for your brand or organisation. No matter what your business is or what sector you work within, button badges can be used by an and every organisation to convey your messages in a way that encapsulates your individuality. But what are the best button badge designs? If you are lost for inspiration, we have made things simple by presenting you with 5 great button badge ideas for your organisation.

Charity Badges

Badges can be great for charitable organisations who want to spread the word. By selling these badges, you can raise money for your cause of choice while giving those who buy them a fashionable new accessory they can wear. These can be great tokens to give away in exchange for a donation or sold for funds to help your cause. Awareness pin badges help spread the word of your charity while giving those who wear them the chance to show their support for you Printed name tags.

Pin Badges for Events

Communicating upcoming events through the use of pin badges is an extremely effective marketing technique. You should ensure that the design you choose to use on your button badge is worth keeping hold of, so some thought and research should be put into this side of things.

An event pin badge isn’t only an accessory, it’s a memento of the event that attendees can keep for years to come. This will allow you to impart a piece of your organisation onto those who take the badges home from the event. Some key details for the event badge might be the date, time, event location and name of your organisation, so people know exactly what it is supposed to represent.

Photo Badges

Photo badges are a great way to showcase a visual presentation of your choosing. This allows those who purchase them to have a true memory of what it represents. From business products, to event imagery, to anything else you want your customers to retain. Photo badges are a great way off making those who wear them remember what it represents in a nostalgic way.

Circular Designs

Circular designs can allow for a natural yet effective idea. With the circular design, you can have some creative freedom in terms of what design you want to use, reflecting your brand identity.

Artwork can be clearly placed on a circle pin badge to allow you to have some creative freedom and fin when it comes to designing your pin badge for your business.

50/50 Colour Pin Badges

By using two colours within your 0in badge designs, you can create a pin badge that really stand out above the rest. This is great for brands that use two colours within their branding, allowing you to have a pin designed that reflects your other branding choices, while acting as an attractive fashion accessory.

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