5 Easy Ways to Talk Your Parents about Cannabis

Sneaking out to smoke pot could have been the way before, but the need for such secrecy, and spinning lies to cover up the smell or your behavior could be challenging and unnecessary in today’s times. Visit  Field Queen for CBD questions and products.

The introduction of medical cannabis into mainstream lives and the many benefits of including cannabis into our day-to-day activities pose valid points that helped pivot the perception and stigma around the plant. More users and curious to understand and experience the plant, and it is a rational thought to be one of them.

If you are using cannabis or would like to use it, here are five ways in which you can talk to your parents about it.

1. Acknowledge Your Parent`s Reservations About Cannabis

The best way to talk to your parents about a sensitive topic such as weed is to let them know you understand their concerns. Any previous conversation you have about cannabis with them or stories they have shared about their experience with the plant can help you better discuss your interest in the plant. Acknowledge if their concern is consuming weed or any other activities around it. It allows you to place your points about how those concerns may not be relevant in your situation.

If your parents are responding to you with nothing but a no, you need to sit down and discuss why you would like to be open with them about this matter. Talk to them about why you are emphasizing on the transparency and how it can help you avoid many risks people associate with consuming weed.

If your parents were open to sharing their experience with the plant, it is possible to rationalize your curiosity towards trying cannabis too. Adopt a straightforward approach to share why you want to try weed or why you are using it with them. While you may not have the same reason as your parents to want to try cannabis, you can still put your interest forward for them to consider it.

2. Discuss Alternative Ways of Consuming Cannabis

A common concern among parents about cannabis is smoking. Blunts, joints, and bongs are perceived as the most common ways of consuming cannabis. There are many toxic aftereffects of smoking best CBD oil fromCBDfx and parents are often worried about the health concerns of using cannabis through this means. However, the legalization of cannabis has opened doors to innovation in the industry. Today you can find several means of consuming cannabis that includes tinctures, oils, and edibles.


Based on your purpose of using cannabis, it is also possible to eliminate the psychoactive effects and deal with the healthy components of cannabis only. These alternatives are competitively healthy and could open your parent’s minds towards cannabis use in general. You must talk to your parents about why you would like to use cannabis and how you can explore alternatives to smoking with so many different options available. The advantage of other options to smoking cannabis is that you can have control over dosage and enjoy the compound with significantly fewer side effects. Discussing these options with your parents will also help them understand that your curiosity towards the plant is not entirely recreational but can also have scientific benefits.

3. Use Science and Statistics

Science and Statistics behind cannabis can help you to take forward the discussion about the plant to your parents. Scientific studies show that cannabis stands far behind cocaine, methadone, heroin, MDMA in the list of high-risk drugs. Research suggests that there has been no marijuana overdose related deaths. Some also believe that it is physically impossible to consume so much of the plant that could cause an overdose. Cannabis could be comparatively safer than alcohol or any other synthetic drugs.

You can discuss how cannabis use could be safer than they think. Unlike alcohol, which could trigger irrational and aggressive behavior, cannabis could have a positive effect on mood and overall health. Another important factor to consider with your parents is the risk of addiction. Cannabis is not a gateway drug, meaning it does not leave any traces that creates the urge to consume more. Hence, it is biologically not possible to have a cannabis addiction. It increases the safety of cannabis in comparison to several other drugs.

When used within limits, cannabis can be a fun and exciting experience that does not have any side effects. In the case of some products, which do not contain THC, it is possible to relish the many benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects that might worry your parents.

4. Try to Discuss in a Private and Comfortable Environment

Initiating a conversation about cannabis is one of the toughest steps. Starting a conversation exclusively to tell them you are using cannabis or wish to do so could turn out bad. Instead, try to take advantage of any related conversation to bring up the topic more naturally. Make sure you are in a private setting, preferably just your parents. It gives them the liberty to consider your viewpoints and discuss openly.

Make sure it is in a comfortable place where you can open a dialogue without having people intrude on your conversation. Ensure the time and mood is right and do not try to pressurize them into understanding your viewpoints. You are aware of the best times to discuss different topics with your parents. Consider the sensitivity of the situation and slowly introduce the topic into the discussion. Make them introduce to various weed online retail stores and explain to them various strains.

Try to have a subjective discussion that embraces their concerns, perspective, knowledge, and interest about cannabis while putting forth your points. Do not try to force the discussion if your parents are not willing to discuss it at that time.

5. Share the Health Benefits Possible From the Plant

Updating yourself with the latest news on research and legalization of cannabis can come handy while discussing the plant with your parents. The many health benefits of cannabis, strongly backed by clinical studies, triggered governments to introduce medical cannabis in their states as a treatment for several ailments. The body of research available to understand the potential of the plant is large.


Cannabis is currently used to treat chronic pain, depression, epilepsy, muscle spasms, PTSD, nausea, and a spectrum of ailments. While there is no shame in getting high for recreational purposes, it is important to acknowledge the plant’s medicinal and therapeutic value to understand how the plant can benefit you. The evolving cannabis policies in many states can be a wonderful example to put forth to your parents to give them an idea about how the world is slowly changing its approach to cannabis.

Be ready for a negative response. Just because you sat down to initiate a conversation does not mean that your parents must respond positively. They might need more time or may need more information to understand your standpoints. Being disrespectful or adamant will only heat the conversation and divert attention from the topic. Instead, give them time and rekindle the conversation sometime later.

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