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5 Different Types of Shower Faucets

Have you been looking for a new addition to your shower? Or, maybe you have gotten bored of the old shower faucet you use. Either way, picking suitable shower heads can be tricky since there are numerous types in the market.

Meanwhile, Australia has been dubbed the cleanest country in the world. As such, most people install their favourite shower heads and enjoy the benefits of cleanliness by taking a shower every single day.

But, how do you choose one? And as an answer: if you look into the different forms of shower faucets available, you can make an informed decision. So, read on to do so!

Shower Faucet Types: The Top 5 to Choose From

The water flow and aesthetics of your bathroom will change depending on the shower faucet you choose. So, take a look at the top faucets that you can install in your bathroom:

1. Fixed

It remains attached to the arm of the shower and peeps out from the wall. Moreover, it comes in different flow settings, namely: water-saving, rain, or massage.

By installing this, you are invoking a sleek yet modern touch to your bathroom. Besides, it looks clean and straightforward. You can even change the head by gently unscrewing it and fitting the desired system.

2. Hand-Held

This shower faucet sits on a fixed cradle and is attached by a long hose. It offers manoeuvrability to wash your body wherever you desire. Furthermore, it comes in handy when you need to clean the tub or bathe your pets.

Such shower faucets offer lower water pressure that ensures a peaceful experience. And you can get them installed for the unique versatility and luxuriousness it provides in your bathroom.

3. Dual

Dual shower heads are abundantly used across the world, especially in Australia. In addition, it comes in different forms and shapes to aesthetically please your bathroom and shower needs.

There are numerous spray patterns to choose from, as well. And these are quicker and more efficient when it comes to showering or cleaning your bathroom.

4. Body Sprayers

Do you want to customise your shower? Then, having body sprayers will be ideal. It is because these shower faucets are custom-made to suit your requirements.

It needs a special shower valve along with the spray bodies when getting installed in the wall. And ideally, this gets integrated into the bathroom during the remodelling phase. Body sprayers can even help you ease sore muscles and bodily pain. So, it is indeed a perfect combination of serenity and luxury.

5. Slide Bar

It is a shower fixture that gets mounted on the bathroom wall where the shower gets fixed. Moreover, you can use it by adjusting the height of the faucet quickly. And with its customisable option, slide bars seem to be fitting when the shower gets used by numerous family members. So, in short, this shower faucet will offer versatility in your shower and allow everyone to use it.

You can shower every day with your desired shower head and reap benefits like proper skin health and hygiene. Meanwhile, the market is filled with numerous styles, and choosing the best should be easy since all you have to do is assess your shower requirements. For example, get a fixed head installed if you want a traditional essence and a simple showering experience.

Similarly, a slide bar and body sprayers will go excellent with customised bathrooms. Furthermore, you can install a hand-held one if you have a pet or children. Above all, a dual shower faucet will be incredibly beneficial as it offers features of fixed and hand-held showers.

So, do not forget to keep your mental and physical health in check by installing your favourite!

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