5 Common Tree Problems and How to Fix Them

Every property owner must take care of all the plants on their premises and keep them healthy. However, landscaping has its fair share of rigorous activities, and professional help is required to prevent more damage. While DIY solutions are cost-effective, finding a reputable tree service Johns Creek can save you time and money and prevent injuries. Southern Star Tree Service has a trained team of tree care professionals with extensive industry knowledge and experience to address many problems. Here are some common tree problems we’ve encountered and how to fix them.

Soil-Related Issues

Soil is vital for plant growth and development. However, the soil may lack the nutrients the tree needs, and we can help you choose the right products for rich-nutrient soil and healthy trees. Compacted soils are the most common soil-related problem affecting trees, which occurs due to human activities like construction and foot traffic. If compacted soil is not addressed, it can deter root growth and even crush them.

The most effective solution to dealing with compacted soil is finding a way to loosen the soil so that you can relieve some stress off the roots. We recommend vertical mulching, which entails replacing a portion of the soil around the roots. You can also mix organic material to improve soil composition, ensuring your trees’ roots grow and access nutrients.

Lack of Nutrients and No Mineral Recycling

As stated earlier, there are several reasons trees lack sufficient nutrients for growth, especially when there’s no mineral recycling. Mineral recycling involves trees acquiring natural nutrients from decomposed branches and leaves that fall on the ground. If you plant trees in your backyard, the fallen twigs and leaves are removed before decomposing to keep the environment tidy.

We can help you maintain healthy trees without compromising the cleanliness of your property. Rather than letting fallen limbs and leaves decompose, consider proper mulching to provide natural nutrients needed for growth and good health. Knowing when you should fertilize your trees is vital, ensuring the soil contains all the crucial nutrients and minerals.

Pest Problems

Trees are usually susceptible to pest damage and attract a wide range of nasty critters who wreak havoc on your property. Pests put significant stress on trees, resulting in deterioration and eventually tree death. However, pests are more likely to attack trees struggling with nutrition, stress, and stability. If you suspect pests in your trees, consult a professional tree care company for advice.

Your tree is infested with pests if you detect shallow pits on the bark, hollow trunk, or general decay. Our experts can assess the severity of damage to determine the best course of action. If the damage is irreversible, you can rely on us for safe tree removal. We can help you eliminate pests and prevent future attacks through regular maintenance checks.

Insufficient Root Space

Trees need to spread their roots to achieve optimal size and health. As your trees become bigger, so do the roots; eventually, they’ll run out of room to grow. While this problem can be avoided during planting, most people realize it when it is too late. The most effective solution to this problem is planting trees in areas with no obstacles, such as buildings, roads, sidewalks, and other structures. Before planting trees in your backyard, hire a tree care expert to ensure you strategically plant them for maximum root space.

Physical Damage

A common tree problem that usually occurs in landscaping is physical damage. Whether it’s a pet scratching or lawn equipment, the number of things that can cause physical harm is endless. If a tree sustains damage to the truck, it will likely decline in health and eventually succumb to the stress. As the leading tree service Alpharetta, we can help you keep an eye on your trees and use organic products like mulch and soil amendments to improve general wellness.

These are some common tree-related problems and how homeowners can fix them. You can contact us at Southern Star Tree Service for more information and professional advice. You can also schedule a consultation with our expert to enjoy quality tree services at pocket-friendly rates.

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