Wednesday, December 1, 2021

5 Caring Tips for Toddlers' Teeth from Dentists 

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Teaching your toddler how to brush their teeth can be a challenge. It is difficult for them to clean all the surfaces of their mouth, and it's often difficult for them to follow through with the entire process. So, search for the best dentist for kids to get suitable oral tips.

Here are five dentist-recommended tips that will help you care for your toddler's teeth.

1. Visit a dentist as soon as possible

The most essential thing parents can do for their kids is to ensure they visit a dentist as soon as dental problems arise. The ASAP here means by your child's first tooth or at birth, whichever comes first! As a parent, you will learn what to expect during this initial assessment and generally take care of teeth.

2. Do not use a bottle to put the baby to sleep

Baby bottle tooth decay is a condition where babies drink sweetened liquids or natural sugars like formula milk and fruit juice to excess, leading to prolonged exposure. This creates an environment for bacteria in their mouths mixed with sugar from these drinks to produce acid that causes cavities on baby teeth.

3. Fluoride should be checked on the label

Some baby toothpaste has a fluoride ingredient that can protect their teeth from cavities. However, if your child is three years old or younger, check the package for 1000 ppm of fluoride before using it on them, as they will most likely not know how to spit out any excess fluid ingested if you put too much in one go. Also, refer to the instructions on how much paste should be used.

4. Brush twice a day

Tooth decay is something that can occur to anyone at any time. But with proper brushing habits, you may be able to avoid the problem of tooth damage and get your child started on a healthy path for life ahead. In addition, dentists recommend brushing before bedtime because it's important not only during waking hours but also when sleeping. Thus, their teeth don't end up in pain from staying overnight with sugary debris stuck between them.

5. Consume just unsweetened food items

According to a newly published study, parents should avoid giving their children sugary snacks to help prevent dental cavities. Instead, it includes junk food and sweetened drinks from an early age. This is because kids will be more likely not to crave these unhealthy items in adulthood when they have teeth and can damage them with sugar-laden foods later down the line.


Do you remember the first time that your baby opened their mouth to show off those pearly whites? It was such a joyous moment for parents and caregivers alike. While there are plenty of ways on how best to care for your little one's teeth. Considering above mentioned five caring tips for toddlers' teeth from top dentists will keep your child smiling through all stages.

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