5 Best Uses of Digital Maps for Your Everyday Activities

Apple has this feature that unloads apps that you seldom use. It temporarily deletes some data from an app you don’t usually open. However, if you’d notice, you seldom open Google Maps. Or at least you’re one of those people who rarely use the online mapping platform. You may wonder why Apple hasn’t been unloading this app despite not using it very often.

The answer is because your phone still uses the app in the background. Other apps use your Google Maps that you may not know. According to statistics, Google Maps was the most downloaded mapping app in the US in 2020. This only shows that you may not be using the app very often, but Google Maps is integrated into some apps and services on your phone. That makes the mapping service very useful.

But what are some important real-life applications for which you can use mapping apps? Here are some ways to maximize the digital maps on your phone.

Working Out

You may not be fond of doing your cardio at home or the gym. So you always choose to do it outside instead. The smell of the morning breeze can motivate you to run. Walking outside may be giving you the nicest views, which is why you like to do it outdoors. If you’re not in a place you’re very familiar with, it could hinder your usual morning jog. The good thing is that you can use an online map to plan where you will start and end your jogging session. Just pin a location where you exactly want to finish your jog and let the program tell you which ways you should go. That would automatically tell you how far you’re going to jog for that day too. Nowadays, online maps are advanced enough to tell you where the pedestrian lanes are. This is essential if your route requires you to cross the street. Let the digital map lead you back to where you started too.

Estimation of Arrival

There are times when you have to book a ride to get to a friend’s house. Or perhaps, get to the restaurant where your date is waiting. You don’t want your friend waiting on you if you’re late, so the tendency is to tell them your estimated arrival time. Online mapping apps like the one from Google can tell exactly how much time it’ll take you to get from one place to another. The service considers how good or bad the traffic is on the roads you’re going to pass. This way, it could give you an estimated time of arrival relative to the traffic situation. These mapping services are your handiest tools, so you won’t leave your friend guessing when you’re really going to arrive at their place.

Tracing Your Stuff

Maps can be locators for devices or any other stuff you want to trace. If you have a missing all-terrain vehicle with an ATV GPS tracker, it can be located immediately. These types of things can be taken somewhere remote. Digital maps can be so detailed that they can identify places old-fashioned maps cannot locate. From simple earphones to your luggage, digital maps have been a tremendous help in finding missing things.


Some businesses are just starting, and they can’t afford delivery services yet. Not enrolling in delivery platforms may make them save a lot while they’re in the beginning stages of their venture. Businesses like these can use online maps to locate the place where they need to deliver their goods. It’s economical because it’s free. It’s reliable since it covers most cities and areas around the world. In fact, it’s been reported that Google Earth has covered 36 million square miles of satellite imagery. If you are a business that’s still building stability of revenue, you can definitely use digital maps for deliveries. This is how online maps provide enormous aid for small and independent businesses.

Sharing Live Locations

Lastly, this is something that we didn’t have back in the day. Locating the person you’re going to meet and vice versa is a beneficial service digital maps brought us. The ability to share your live location with another person is very helpful. This allows you to track where your friend is going and see if they’re going the wrong way. It provides an accurate location, so you’ll also know where your friend is if you’re meeting them. It gives you time to prepare because you can see if your friend is already near your place. That’s also a very convenient way to set your friend’s expectations when you arrive.

The mapping apps on your phone aren’t just for the usage of other services. You can actually try to open them and see how you can maximize their uses. Give their functionalities a try by starting with the functions mentioned above. It’ll definitely make your everyday activities easier.

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