5 Best Piano Games for Android

Want to hook your kid’s interest in the piano? Well, games are a fun way to do so.

The piano is considered to be one of the greatest musical instruments. So many different kinds of music can be played with it. It can be used for everything from Classical to Pop. All kinds of music can be performed on a piano, making this one of the most diverse instruments.

If you want to play the piano, there’s always a need for you. For those of you who desire to play Notespeed the piano but don’t own one, we recommend playing a few of these pianist games. Although it is a game, it might still help you improve your talents. Take a look!

1. Magic Piano Tiles

First, we’ll talk about the Magic Piano Tiles.

In Magic Piano Tiles 2018, you can play music by tapping the tiles and listening to the music that comes out when you do. It’s one of the greatest free piano games out there. People who play the game like to listen to a lot of different kinds of music, from classics to anime. They can choose from Canon and Havana to girls Like You and many more.

Every song will be refreshed weekly, so let’s stay current with the music game trends and enjoy the game’s rhythm.

2. Noah’s Bottle

Noah’s Bottle is a rhythm game for mobile devices with automated note generation.

On your devices, you may listen to any song you like.

Additionally, you may make your music by developing a music script. The updated version 2.0 of Noah’s Bottle contains a new feature called “Rhythm Mode,” which comprises 40 piano tracks. All songs were recreated in real-time from the original recording, providing the user with an incredible sensation of live performance.

3. Melobeat

Melobeat is a fantastic music game in which you may play the piano. It features about 30 tracks that are refreshed every month. The most amazing aspect of this game is that it allows you to play the music on your MP3 files, which are stored on your computers or mobile devices. That’s quite nice.

4. Pianista

Every day, put on your greatest show with the iconic classic composer in a 10-player league. Music games may be downloaded and played at any time via the app, which can be used on any device at any location.

Playing the game with your thumbs is easy since it has been tailored for this purpose. Various parameters may be modified in the game, as well as a ranking system for those who want to be competitive in their gaming experience. It’s one of the greatest piano games out there, hands down.

5. Deemo

If you like music, rhythm games, and stories about urban fantasy, Rayark has Deemo for you. It has hand-drawn art, a gallery where you can tell stories, and the sound of piano keys.

Appealingly, Deemo inhabits a castle on his island, and his life is a mystical one. A little girl plummets from the sky, unsure of who she is or where she came from. As a way to bring the kid back to sanity, Deemo discovers that the piano’s sound causes a tree to grow higher and higher on top of it.

Deemo’s behavior would be interesting to see after it becomes used to the friendship it never had before. It’s possible the small girl would have a hard time dealing with the reality if her supposedly gone memories return.

Do try the game and find out what happens!

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