5 Best Mechanical Keyboard Gifts for Valentine Under $500 In 2021

A small but special gift from simple and classic (such as a bunch of flowers) to more unique (such as creative mechanical keyboards) for your lover on Valentine’s Day is a way to show your love. Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and don’t forget that it’s going to be shared between the two of you, so it’s definitely an impressive moment to give your lover a gift or find something that belongs to you so that you can enjoy it together.

If your lover is keen on mechanical keyboards, there is no doubt that giving her or him the mechanical keyboard as a Valentine’s Day gift will win her or his favor. However, when you decide to buy a mechanical keyboard, you have to be clear about your budget and requirements for the mechanical keyboard (with a sense of design or to be more practical). If you already have a clear answer in mind, just take a look at the list of mechanical keyboard gifts for valentine below $500 that we recommend for you in 2021.

Mechanical keyboard with full sense of design 

Lofree Black Gold Keyboard

Lofree black gold keyboard is specially designed for gentlemen. Choose the Lofree black gold keyboard collection, including mouse, keyboard, calculator that can be used as numeric keyboard, night light, speaker and wrist pad, as a Valentine’s Day gift to your boyfriend will be the most correct decision you’ve ever made. It only cost $499. Glossy black as the main tone of the black gold keyboard collection gives out a noble business atmosphere, while without losing personality. The design of the origin keyboard is unique, which can cater to the movement of fingers when typing and bring you comfort. The rhythmic sound of the switch of the key cap makes you enjoy typing. It has to say Lofree black gold keyboard is good at balancing business and personality and showing personal charm without reservation. In addition, the potato shaped mouse buttons bring a hint of playfulness to the whole set, making Lofree black gold keyboard not only a good helper at work, but also the best choice for Valentine’s gifts.

Lofree Lipstick Keyboard

It is out of question that girls are crazy and obsessive with lipsticks. Every girl dreams of collecting lipsticks in different colors. Just imagine how excited your girlfriend will be when she receives a lipstick keyboard. Lofree lipstick keyboard takes rose gold as background with 79 different colors of keycaps instantly making your girlfriend become the focus of the audience. The unique design concept of Lofree lipstick keyboard will be the medium of personality blooming, not to mention its powerful functions. Give it to your girlfriend as the most memorable Valentine’s Day gift, and it only costs $299 now!

Ultimate Hacking Keyboard

The unique feature of Ultimate Hacking Keyboard is that it is an ergonomic keyboard separated from the middle integrating convenience and with a full sense of design. Although Ultimate Hacking Keyboard does not provide key backlight, its distinctive design of separation makes it easier to carry, learn and program. Moreover, windows, MAC and Linux are well supported by Ultimate Hacking Keyboard and a default layout of QWERTY, Colemak and Dvorak as well. In any case, UHK is a well-designed ergonomic keyboard, which is worth considering giving it to him or her who relies on keyboard work as a Valentine’s Day gift.

Practical Mechanical Keyboard

Razer BlackWidow Elite

Razer BlackWidow Elite is currently considered the best typing mechanical keyboard and the best choice for office use. If your boyfriend is a programmer, this mechanical keyboard is the best gift for him on Valentine’s day. Razer BlackWidow Elite features with its strong structure and stable key. The two tilt settings and detachable wrist bracket make it a good ergonomic design so as to prevent your lover from overwork. Furthermore, Razer BlackWidow elite also has some additional functions, such as custom media keys, volume keys and windows key lock, which can give you maximum freedom when using the keyboard.

SteelSeries Apex Pro

If your boyfriend or girlfriend is keen on games, SteelSeries Apex Pro is definitely the ideal choice for gamers due to its unique settings and many additional features, such as scroll wheel, dedicated media key, as well as an OLED screen in which you can display almost anything you want. SteelSeries Apex Pro also allows you to change the pre-stroke distance of linear Omnipoint switches according to your needs so as to provide a relaxed game experience for your boy or girl. Just choose SteelSeries Apex Pro as you Valentine’s Day gift, which is only for $199.99

No matter whether your boy and girl is keen on typing or playing games, whether they like a keyboard with a sense of design or practical functions, you can find a suitable one here as a Valentine’s Day gift. For your information, Lofree as a new star of mechanical keyboard attracts people’s attention not only in design which makes it occupy a place in the mechanical keyboard market, but also in powerful practical functions. On Valentine’s day in 2021, try to send her/him a Lofree dot keyboard!

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