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5 Best Careers for Photographers

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Photography is not just a passion but can also be a lucrative career if you find the right fit for you. When looking at photography careers, consider the hours, the time invested in any travel, and the type of photos you want to take. Some great careers include travel photography, wedding photographer, pet photography, insurance claims, and industrial photography.

Travel Photography

There are many opportunities for a travel photographer, but they will all include travel and taking beautiful photos. Travel photographs can be sold independently to publishers of travel books and itineraries, locations at which you take the pictures for their own press uses, magazines, and papers, or they can be published privately on a travel blog. Many book publishers and travel companies will hire travel photographers to get the best photos for their marketing materials. This allows for the choice of working for someone else and traveling to the places they require photos for or remaining freelance and selling your photographs of places you choose to go. This career offers endless opportunities for travel and seeing the world. For those passionate about travel and photography, this combines them in a way that has great potential and can provide an income and a full life.

Wedding Photographer

A lucrative career in wedding photography is possible, as the demand is high and willing to pay a premium for excellent service. This often requires intense editing, so there may be additional hours in the office, but there is also a great space for creativity, and it helps people enjoy their wedding and keep those memories forever. You can find a career in local weddings or even travel and do destination weddings; fitting the niche that people are looking for can offer great opportunities, though it can be a hard business to break into. Recently, boudoir photography has become popular as women prepare for their wedding day. This is also an opportunity for you to do some creative photography with the bride prior to the wedding. Some of the best ​​boudoir photography Perth showcases can be replicated in other parts of the world, so look to them for inspiration, but you will eventually want to produce your own style of imagery.

Pet Photography

Pet photography is a growing business that allows you to have a location or studio or offer on-site photography. As animals can be hard to work with and keep still, it provides a new challenge every day and allows you to make your own hours and set your own prices.

Insurance Claims

Insurance companies require photographers to take pictures of damaged property. This includes car accidents, break-ins, weather damages, and other occurrences that result in insurance claims. The company employs you, but the hours are less predictable in some cases. There will be many hectic days and some slower days, but the work should be fairly consistent as insurance claims are always made. It is important to follow directions and take the photos exactly as needed and require great attention to detail.

Industry Photographer

Several industrial companies and businesses hire photographers to take photos of their progress, equipment, and employees at work sites. They use these for promotional materials and training manuals; hours will be during the daytime while the sites are used.

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