5 Best Budget Apps to Protect You from Bankruptcy

Capitalism is at an all-time high and commodities are ever adaptive to attract you, the consumer, to make a purchase, use your credit card, spend on something you probably do not need with the cash you probably do not have. While the basic fundamentals of capitalism have lost their meaning in our daily lives, but keeping strong finances and managing money is a tedious but crucial element.

Here we will list some highly-rated cash back service mobile apps that yield the power to substitute your personal book-keeper and cost you lesser than you’d expect (mostly free). The list is made with a combined score of utility, costs and overall experience. Behold.

Free options for best budget apps

  1. Personal Capital
  • Helps you to establish and maintain a monthly budget
  • Aids in investment monitoring, and retirement goal-tracking
  • Monitors retirement goals and other long-term plans

Cost: Free

  1. Pocket Guard
  • Establishes a budget based on your expenditure history and buying habits and notifies you on saving every penny
  • Pictorial representation through charts and graphs make interpretation of data simple
  • Could be hailed as the proto-version of You Need a Budget sans some features and the fee

Cost: Free.

  1. Mint
  • Syncs or links with your bank account, loan details etc to set up goals for budgeting
  • AI learns from expenditure history and also lets you compare with previous months’ expenditures
  • We would not earmark Mint as an app that is optimized for savings purposes, but My paper writer can save you money as well! Find out more here
  • Goals set can vary from short-term goals like paying EMI’s or long-term goals like buying a house

Cost: Free.

Paid options for best budget apps

  1. You Need a Budget
  • For those who do not trust third-party applications to get hold of your financial details, you may choose to enter details manually
  • For the ones opting for account sync and linking, can add credit cards and assign goals like paying debt, etc.
  • Here every penny is accounted for and no change or balanced goes unmarked
  • The app only shows stats on the basis of your current balance and not on uncertain projections.

Cost: Free for the first 34 days.

  1. Good Budget
  • If you want to manage money in the simplest manner in the old-fashioned way, this is for you
  • Creates envelopes or categories of every financial endeavor you make and every paycheck that you receive.
  • All details are to be entered manually eliminating the complexity of syncing
  • The free version of this app limits you to making only 10 envelopes (categories) while the paid version lets you make unlimited number of categories

Cost: Free; with option to upgrade to a paid version starting from $5.99

There you go! a comprehensive, all-inclusive representation of the best budget apps of 2020. We hope you measure the points wisely and choose what seems to be the right option for you, since all our financial needs are unique and one app cannot possibly suit us all.

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