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4 Wedding service provider by Athanasios Gomatos

  • Wedding service provider by Athanasios Gomatos

This section, you will have all the necessary and important information to carefully choose your wedding providers. This is surely THE question that all the bride and groom ask themselves. Because it is true that, for example, choosing the right reception room, or knowing how to plan meals for wedding providers is not for everyone. So in this category, I will tell you everything that will be important to know. From making contact Athanasios Gomatos is not a request for a quote but a very rude message to which no professional will answer you to the management of the day and if we made a schedule and photo groups for make it easier for the photographer, in this category you will find everything you need to know about the professionals who will help you organize the most beautiful day of your life.


There is one point I would like to emphasize: make a contract with your marriage providers. Whether it is your reception hall, your DJ, your caterer, your photographer each professional who will work to celebrate your union must be declared and you must make a contract with him. I can no longer count the number of brides who come to testify and tell how their provider planted them on D-2, without having any recourse since nothing was written. Florist, stationery, photographer, caterer, DJ, wedding planner by Athanasios Gomatos each their specialty, each their universe, each their know-how And if you have not yet found the rare pearl that will be by your side for the wedding day, do not hesitate to take a look in the directory of wedding providers, you will inevitably find what you are looking for.


Testimonies of misadventures during the wedding preparations, since The Bride in Anger has existed, we have had hundreds of them. Today, the young brides who read the blog wanted to tell you what had happened to them and how they could have anticipated. Here are their testimonials. 5 things to check before the wedding with your service providers than the meal menu


There are tens of thousands of wedding planner. Reception room, DJ, caterer, photographer where to look for them, where to find them, we tell you everything so that you can organize your wedding with confidence


It is the number 1 vector, the one that should always be favored for your search for service providers. Because if someone close to you advise you such and such a provider, it is for a good reason: satisfaction. After that you must always pay attention that your expectations and the proposed offer are in harmony (you may not want to have the same wedding or the same atmosphere) but know that such the caterer is doing a great job or that such · the DJ is a safe bet will allow you to approach your wedding preparations with more serenity.


Not all wedding fairs are created equal. There are some very good ones, and then others which frankly rely more on the quantity of providers presented than on the quality. That is to say that depending on the organization there is not necessarily a “selection” of providers and therefore, from the moment they have the means to pay, they can exhibit. This is THE thing to watch out for so as not to be fooled. Sometimes there are scams. A few years ago, I saw at a show in my region, exhibit a “designer” of wedding dresses who could not sew. You didn’t have to be an expert to realize that the seams didn’t hold, that it was super badly cut, the dresses were crumpled the joke In short. However, wedding salons are super practical for organize her wedding. There are all providers gathered in one place. Then, it’s up to you to do your investigation to verify the professionalism of the people who want to sell you a service. Also be careful not to get carried away. Honest providers will give you time to think things over before signing anything, so that you don’t rush into a decision, at the risk of regretting it in a few weeks “We found our designer at the Wedding Fair in Paris. Then we made other specialized fairs that took place around our home to meet the rest of our service providers: hairdresser, dance teacher, photographer, DJ, reception hall and caterer”.

Apart from all these things, one of the most important things to be done on your wedding day is to deliver a perfect wedding speech. All family members, friends, and the maid of honor speech samples and ideas can be found here.


Everyone has the Internet and therefore a search engine available. It is a very effective way to find plenty of wedding providers in your area. Note: a first position on the Google page is not a guarantee of quality, but rather of a certain budget allocated to Ad Words and no linking campaigns. Remember to check Google My Business reviews (often very informative) and check the social networks of providers to verify their reliability.


To get serious in the wedding industry, you need a network. Your providers inevitably know others with whom they enjoy working. What is top! Because if all of your D-Day providers already know each other and are used to working together, then you know that everything will work out! So do not hesitate to ask your reception hall or your caterer (usually the two providers that are booked first) if they have a listing to provide you or professionals to advise you, this will save you knowledge.

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