4 Things Lanlord should pay attention before sign lease contract.

1. Pay attention when decided rental rates.

First, you need to base on the following factors: location of the house/apartment (what direction, what floor), area, interior condition, the advantage of business, or setting up a representative office or not to determine the actual value of the apartment/house. Then you can consult the rental price in the market or the surrounding areas, estimate the costs of periodic home inspection and upgrading, repair, and maintenance of utility equipment when needed, then set a reasonable rental price. Utility management service providers can be a great help on handling the moving in, void queries, meter reads submissions, and change of occupancy notifications.

The rental market in Empire City apartment for rent is currently entering the competition, so you can offer a softer price than the common ground to attract customers and get long-term lease contracts. However not the price is too low compared to the market because it can negatively affect the rental market). Usually, the landlord will base on the inflation rate of the currency and the commodity price index in the market to adjust the annual rental, so you do not need to worry about losses when lowering the price. Original rental. If you do not know how to price, you can look to real estate brokers for specific support and advice.

2. Pay attention when choosing a tenant.

You need to identify your target tenants to facilitate your search. If you rent a cheap apartment or house, it will be suitable for single people or office workers. If you rent a luxury apartment, newlyweds, wealthy people, or foreigners will be the target you should aim for; If you want to rent a shophouse, small businesses or newly established companies will be your priority.

When dealing with people who come to see the house, pay attention to their honesty, ask many questions to get more details about them, and choose the most suitable tenant. When renting, you should also clearly state the regulations on the number of people to facilitate management.

3. Pay attention when conducting transactions.

For renting a house, you need to pay attention to the rules for the tenant and the strictness of the lease to be able to lease it for a long time and avoid possible risks. First, you need to ask the client to deposit the rent for a certain amount of time (1-3 months) to ensure that they can afford to pay the monthly rent. The rental deposit can be used to deduct damages if the tenant breaks the contract.

Next, you need to inform the tenant of living regulations, using furniture, and issues of environmental sanitation, security, and order, and comply with applicable laws. Clear notice helps tenants determine what rights and obligations they need to perform.

For the conclusion of a lease agreement, the terms should be detailed and specific. Especially it is necessary to state how to handle possible violations. And if the lease is for six months or more, the contract needs to be certified by a notary to ensure the legality and serve as a basis for future dispute resolution. Along with that, you should note the following details:

Specify the amount of rent in VND because, according to the law, it cannot be agreed in foreign currency; if you ignore this, the contract will be invalid.

Make it clear who will have to pay taxes every month.

Agree on the change of the rental price by time; if the contract is five years, it can be negotiated again after 1-2 years. Usually, it will increase by 10 to 15%.

There must be a clause in the contract stating whether the tenant is allowed to sublease the room or the whole house. It would be best to mention further that the lessee cannot arbitrarily change the house’s structure without the landlord’s consent.

4. A note about tax payment rules.

When renting a Masteri Thao Dien For Rent, you need to be mindful of your taxes to avoid trouble later.

If you want to rent out a home, it is essential that you know information about tax payments. According to the latest tax regulations, if the annual rental is VND 100 million or less, the lessor is not subject to value-added tax; For the yearly rent of 100 million or more, the owner lessor must pay the following taxes:

– License tax: depends on the time of signing the rental contract. Specifically:

+ In the first six months of the year: 1 million VND / year.

+ For the last six months of the year (from July 1): only pay VND 500,000.

– Value added tax: tax payable = turnover x 5%.

– Personal income tax:

Tax payable = [(Revenue x 30%) – Deductions] x tax rate (%)

However, you and the tenant can agree on who directly pays the above taxes. This condition should also be stated in the contract or the tenancy addendum. To know the exact information and details, you can go to the Tax Department.

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