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4 Reasons to Uncover and Restore The Home’s Maple Hardwood Flooring

When you bought your mid-20th century home, it came with wall to wall carpeting. Something told you that there was likely hardwood flooring underneath. Now that the time has come to replace the carpeting, you decide to take a look. There really is maple hardwood flooring under the carpet padding. Instead of installing new carpets, why not restore those older floors? Here are a few reasons to consider.

Hardwood Flooring Has More Character

There’s something about hardwood flooring that sets it apart from other options. The natural beauty of the wood is one thing. That rich maple stain is another. While there will be some sanding and fresh staining to be done, there’s no doubt that the floors will enhance the look of each room.

You can already imagine how the restored hardwood will help many of the furnishings take on a slightly different appearance. The maple will help bring out some of the secondary colors in the upholstery and the window treatments. That will help the space seem fresher than any new carpeting would manage.

The Restoration Won’t Be Difficult

As you remove more of the old carpeting and padding, it’s obvious that the maple hardwood is in good condition. There are signs of minor wear and tear that date back to the days when the first wall to wall carpeting was installed, but you don’t see any major flaws. That means the restoration will not be that difficult to manage.

All the floors will need is cleaning, stripping, a fresh coat of maple stain, and some type of protecting sealant on top. There aren’t going to be any issues with removing deep stains or other issues. Even allowing for having the flooring done professionally, what you get will easily hold up better than new carpeting.

Maple Will Work Well Even When You Redecorate

Since you’ve lived with carpeting for years, it’s no secret that you have to take it into consideration when changing the color schemes for any room. Even with somewhat neutral shades, there are still limits on what you can choose for the new look. That won’t be an issue once the hardwood flooring is restored.

That’s because maple hardwood flooring is one of the most versatile options you could hope to have in a room. Even as you invest in new furniture will different upholstery, select an area rug that helps pull the look together. Whatever colors you choose, there’s no doubt that the maple finish will look great.

You’re Tired of Carpeting Anyway

The fact is that you’re tired of carpeting. Between the constant vacuuming, the need to have it steam cleaned two or three times a year, and knowing that it will wear out after so many years leaves you less than happy. By opting to restore the maple hardwood, you get to eliminate all of these issues.

With the right type of protecting agent, it will be easy enough to use a dust mop to keep the floors looking nice. Using a cleaning agent recommended for hardwood floors will be enough to keep the floors looking great for many years. Thanks to the way the floors are sealed, it will be easier to clean up messes before they can stain anything.

Why hide that beautiful flooring under new carpeting? Have a flooring professional take a look and find out what it would take to restore the floors. Once the work is done and you see the outcome, there will be no doubt that you made the right choice.

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