4 Reasons Integrated Digital Marketing Helps Your Business

In 2021, digital marketing alone is not enough; you need an integrated digital marketing strategy.

You are probably wondering, why an integrated digital marketing strategy? It is because it helps to create a seamless customer journey before conversions.

That is not the only sole purpose, though, because integrated digital marketing offers more than that.

What is integrated digital marketing?

Before we delve deeper into the four reasons you need integrated digital marketing, what exactly is it?

Integrated digital marketing is a strategy that prioritises a consistent, seamless, and multichannel digital brand experience for your audience.

For instance, your business decided to jump on TikTok and want more people to follow your business on that platform. You can come up with an integrated digital marketing strategy, such as:

  • Talk about it on multiple channels, like on the Instagram of your business, spread the word through a blog post on your website, and create a TikTok ad
  • Partner up with other parties to talk about the TikTok of your business, be it on their socials, blogs, or podcasts
  • Provide a seamless experience to make people follow your TikTok, like a QR code that will bring them directly to your TikTok
  • The campaign must be consistent on multiple channels, so if you want people to follow your TikTok because your business is making funny content that they should not miss, the other parties that you collaborate with should inform their audience that your TikTok has some funny content

Ultimately, integrated digital marketing is about providing a fantastic brand experience to attract your audience, connecting with them in the hope of converting them into your customers or other goals you may have in mind.

4 reasons you should use integrated digital marketing for your business

Integrated digital marketing offers more than giving your customers an incredible customer journey. There are four other solid reasons, and these are what they are for:

Reach more target audience

Performing this marketing strategy means you must spread the word about the campaign on multiple channels available on the digital marketing landscape.

The most common channels for an integrated digital marketing ploy are website, social media, podcasts, YouTube, etc. Some businesses also use a traditional channel, like printed media, to amplify their campaign.

Expect more conversions

If you prepare a well-thought integrated digital marketing campaign, you can expect more conversions.

It is because you will provide a consistent and seamless customer journey that will reach a broader audience. In return, your brand can be on top of potential customers’ minds.

How is that possible? Because they see you on so many channels and enjoy the consistency and seamless customer journey.

Building brand awareness and recognition

Integrated digital marketing will boost your brand awareness. The people who do not know your business will be aware of it since they see your campaign on many channels.

Then, a consistent branding effort in the campaign will make them easily recognise your brand in the long run.

A recipe for the success story of your business

If you do the recommended practice of integrated marketing (seamless, consistent branding strategy and effort, and multichannel), it can be a recipe for success.

It is because integrated marketing is proven to help businesses in:

  • Bringing new customers
  • Maintain existing customers
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Make people recognise your brand

The key takeaways for benefits of integrated digital marketing

  • It provides a seamless, consistent, and pleasant customer experience
  • A booster for your brand awareness, recognition, and loyalty
  • More conversions if you successfully run an integrated digital marketing campaign

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