4 Misconceptions About Indian Gold Jewelry

There are a lot of rumours and misconceptions that spread around on the internet. Unfortunately, it is easy for people to read and believe them. This often happens with Indian gold jewelry and it means that you can miss out on the beauty that these pieces have to offer. They can be just what you need to complete your outfit and feel amazing.

Today, we are going to clear up some of the common misconceptions people have about Indian gold jewelry. So, let’s get started.

You Can Only Buy 24-Karat Gold

When it comes to Indian gold jewelry, there are many people that assume you can only purchase 24-karat gold pieces. Indeed, this is a material that many people admire and they like to have the best version. 24-karat gold is pure gold. But, this does not mean that it is the only option you can buy from brands.

There are a lot of other types of gold jewelry available. For example, 22-karat gold is very popular since it has durability and style at the same time. The inclusion of other materials adds this strength, which makes it more suitable for wearing every day. You can check out Queen of Hearts necklaces if you wish to shop for 22-karat gold. There are some beautiful Indian and South Asian designs that can add some elegance and color to your outfit.

The Designs are Boring and Traditional

We are not sure where this misconception came from. But, one thing’s for sure, it could not be further from the truth. When it comes to Indian jewelry you are going to discover so many beautiful and unique designs that you can wear. For example, take a look at a Mangalsutra necklace. This is a stunning necklace that features black and gold beads. In addition, there can be a gold pendant present, which adds interest and character.

Therefore, you should look at Indian jewelry for yourself and see all of the amazing designs you can choose from. There is something that everyone will love. Indeed, with different colors available, you can have fun with your outfit. Even the traditional pieces are not classed as boring since they are elegant and have style.

The Prices are Extortionate

When you think about gold jewelry, you automatically think it is going to have a high price tag. Yes, this is a material that is desired and it can be more expensive than some others out there. But, one misconception about Indian gold jewelry is that it is extortionate and very expensive. Perhaps this comes from the fact that most people believe there is only 24-karat gold available, which is the purest form of the material.

But we can confirm that not all Indian gold jewelry is extortionate. There are brands out there that offer affordable prices and still give you high-quality designs. Just make sure that you pay attention to the karat number. Indeed, the lower the number, the more affordable pieces will be.

There is No Color

A lot of people overlook buying gold jewelry because they simply think about it being a yellow color. They think that this is boring and does not have uniqueness and excitement about it. But, this is not strictly true. Yes, gold jewelry is going to be yellow in appearance. But, a lot of Indian designs make sure they feature other colors and materials to add some fun and beauty. For example, there can be gold chains with colored pendants on them.

Thus, always shop around and look at different pieces of Indian jewelry. Often, they feature vibrant colors, such as green, red and blue. You will see for yourself how much fun you can have with these pieces and how the colors add some character and personality to them. With so many different designs to choose from, you can really show off your mood and energy.

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