4 Levels of Effective ServiceNow Implementation

ServiceNow is a platform that’s in use for service management of IT by many big names and small businesses alike. The reason that its market may reach billions of dollars by 2026 are its tempting advantages and the endless possibilities it presents for improvement of accountability, visibility and efficiency. 

In this article we are sharing a 4 level ServiceNow implementation scope that keeps the needs and nature of various businesses in consideration. But before you start reading why don’t you glance over these two articles about Sharepoint online as a contract management software and the hidden costs of software development outsourcing

The 4 Level Implementation

To finalize this implementation scope, experts analyzed a bunch ServiceNow customers and collected the factors that help determine their needs and impact their scope of implementation. The first two factors were the complexity of the organization and the maturity of the IT management. 

Reactive – Level 1

The companies in this level usually operate in one country and have about 500-5000 employees and work with no more than 3 IT vendors. A company of this level mostly has low level maturity of IT management. So, the IT processes are messy and there is poor visibility in the IT infrastructure. 

The main issue of companies like this is disruption in business due to long downtimes which can be pretty costly. Companies like this can benefit from the basic ServiceNow ITSM package.

The company should hold sessions of training to educate the IT support team about the concepts of the ServiceNow solutions. The project of level ServiceNow implementation may take up to 4 months. 

Preventive – Level 2

The company in this level operate in less than 5 companies and usually have about 2000 to 20,000 employees and work with 3 to 6 IT vendors. The company in this level has medium level IT management maturity which means weak IT support and occurrence of incidents. Companies like this need to prevent incidents by automating IT support operations. 

Companies of this level can use the professional ITSM and standard ITOM packages.

After implementation of the ServiceNow package the company gains a much more stable IT service delivery. The company needs to educate their financial and IT specialists about the benefits of asset management of IT.

Service Evolution – Level 3

The company at this level doesn’t have less than 5,000 employees and has multiple offices in 6 countries or more. IT service delivery in companies at this level is stable and is considered a crucial element for the continuance of business. To grab more opportunities, such companies need to improve their service delivery. 

The IT management of such companies can be complex for which they may have to pay a lot money. To solve this problem they need transfer to ServiceNow. These companies can benefit from ServiceNow packages such as ITSM professional and ITOM standard. 

The evolution of service of the companies at this level requires a whole digital transformation. The role of IT gains more importance than ever. 

Unity of Business and IT – Level 4

The companies at this level start with employees no less than 10,000 with larger groups of companies having much bigger force. Such companies depend a lot on IT and are highly digitized. Such companies need to bring their IT and business together to achieve their goals. 

The main need of such companies is an established process for the purpose of introducing new IT services. The IT infrastructure is complex so they need relevant ServiceNow processes for support. These companies can benefit from the ServiceNow packages such as ITSM professional, ITOM analyst and Security professional. 

Level 4 companies require a total digital transformation and a free communication channel between the business and IT. 

Final Words

We have shared a general model for 4 segments of companies which suits them even if they use ServiceNow or don’t. But still every segment needs to be fine-tuned so that it can better fit the needs of the company. You should thoroughly investigate the needs of your company so that you don’t end up opting for something you don’t require. 

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