4 Key Business Benefits of Using Azure Cloud Computing

An organization can expand its market presence by diversifying its product and services portfolio; and procuring advanced data tools to get actionable insights into trends. Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing service has made the going a lot easier for organizations. It offers enterprises a range of benefits starting from reduced data storage expenses to streamlined workflows. Here’s shedding light on the top 4 business benefits of using Azure cloud computing.

Scalability Any kind of business is subject to constant changes such as scaling down operations or scaling it up. Such a change entail significant investment in IT infrastructure which makes scalability a major concern. The Azure cloud framework enables an on-demand expansion of computing power and storage space. Currently, Azure Cloud Services utilize physical infrastructure distributed over every continent. Azure cloud service has its footprint across the globe which enables it to readily cater to companies who are seeking to widen their existence beyond their geographical boundary. It uses a ductile SQL data pool to provide the best database performance for companies as opposed to their locally hosted systems.

Disaster recovery The sophisticated encryption features strengthens an organization’s disaster recovery strategy. The ability to backup all the system-related data without having to maintain an individual server is essential in keeping the productivity wheel rolling even in case of a major data loss. Basically, it allows enterprises to set specific recovery rules for different business units and data types. Azure cloud services come with testing features. These features simulate a data loss scenario to examine how an application will react in such circumstances. The results give a heads up for organizations to make necessary revisions in their disaster recovery plans. 

Security The Azure cloud solution is outfitted with robust security features such as the Advanced Threat Protection and Threat Intelligence reports that use Windows Defender analytics and Information Protection. These features classify and shields data from unauthorized users by labelling emails and documents. The network and encryption features secure every unit of transmitted data from any foreign threat. In addition, Azure Cloud Services use threat identifying agents that are functional in issuing security alerts in real-time and generate threat intelligence reports. These reports display comprehensive details about the hackers, their motives, and their weapons of crime.

Analytical insights The Microsoft Azure technologies are inclusive of robust analytical solutions that aid in data visualizations. This is key towards an enterprise’s improved decision-making. Analytical solutions include dashboards to display data in real-time. This helps an enterprise to derive actionable insights and make necessary improvisations in their business strategies on the go. Advanced customer analytics aid in segregating customer groups that enable enterprises to provide targeted services. Microsoft Azure cloud computing services happens to be the only cloud platform to offer Machine Learning utilities, Blockchain as a Service (BaaS), Cognitive APIs capabilities, and Bots.


Enterprises must be mindful of the fact that cloud storage needs tend to differ on the basis of nature of operations and size of an organization. For instance, a small-scale enterprise who do not capture customer data will require lesser storage space and not a large-scale testing environment for their applications. Such considerations underpin a successful procurement and utilization of Azure cloud computing service.

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