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4 Common Signs Of A Mouse Infestation In Your Home

If you’re like most people, just getting the slightest hint about a mouse infestation in your home gives you goosebumps. But do you know how to spot mice? Have you ever seen little dark brown droppings or heard scratch mouse noises in your home? If yes, you may have a mouse infestation in your home, and it is time to contact a professional pest control company like Flatline Pest Control.

A rat infestation in your house can be terrible, both in terms of the diseases they carry and in terms of the expense of repairs. The key to saving your property from an expensive and hazardous rat infestation is prevention. The earlier you can recognize an issue, the sooner and more efficiently you can handle it, so knowing the warning signals ahead of time pays you.

1. Odour

A strong, musky odour throughout the house is one of the first indicators many homeowners detect that might signal a rat infestation.

When mice enter a home, they leave a trail of droppings and urine throughout the nesting area and occasionally outdoors. To make matters worse, when a mouse or rat is close to death, it will frequently flee into deep back corners to die alone, leaving the odour of its carcass behind. There’s also the rodents’ inherent bodily odour to consider. Because of these characteristics, homes with rat infestations can have a strong, pungent, musky smell throughout.

2. Faeces

Mice will exhibit their feces before they show their faces. Mice make a lot of waste, which may be found anyplace they’ve gone. Because mice are little critters that can fit through small openings, you will discover mouse droppings in various areas throughout your house. Look for mouse droppings, especially in the corners of your cabinets, along the walls, and in drawers. Keep in mind that mice are not sociable creatures. They don’t want you to know they’re there; thus, their faeces will be hidden, dark areas.

3. Tampered Food Packaging

Finding food is one of the most common reasons pests break-in. Pests like rats and mice are naturally attracted to homes during the winter months when food in the outdoors becomes limited, as much for the warmth and shelter they give as for the possible food inside.

Rodents are renowned for breaking into closed food sources by ripping up plastic containers with their strong chewing teeth to access meals. Whether you come across any food that has ripped or damaged wrapping, throw it out and contact a pest control specialist to see if rats cause it.

4. Mouse Noises

When you lie down on the bed and close your eyes, you can hear scrambling, scratching, and movement noises coming from your ceiling and walls. These are mice crawling about while you try to sleep.

Mice are more active at night so you won’t hear them during the day. Furthermore, you can’t listen to mice moving while there’s normal day noise going on. Call Flatline Pest Control if you hear movement in your ceiling or walls. We know how to get to those monsters so you may sleep quietly at night.

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