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4 Best Body Care for the Winter Season

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Winters are the time to indulge in hot cocoa and pamper yourself with luxurious beauty potions, shea butter and whatnots. Not that you shouldn’t take care of yourself from head to toe in the summers, it’s just that you can be forgiven for skipping on the moisturizer in mild weather. Winters are a game-changer, no skipping your body care routine without paying the price and that we don’t want to pay, wrinkly skin that can lead to premature ageing. And, if you are one of those people who don’t mind a few wrinkles (I highly doubt your existence) then how about we take care of ourselves and look our best since it’s really easy. Don’t you agree? So, let’s upgrade the body care routine and ensure we have stocked our bathroom cabinets and our vanity tables with the right shower gels, creams, and moisturizers.

1- Bath & Shower

You may feel like sticking to your all-time favourite body wash but let’s face it, your skin needs extra moisturizing especially when bathing and showering. If you love soaking in the hot tub then you have to nourish your skin even more because water dehydrates skin pores of natural oil and makes it dry. At Bath Body & Works, there’s a splendid collection of body care products that you can get at discounts with the Bath & Body Works Promo Code. Wintry must-haves that will leave you asking for more include Winter Candy Apple Moisturizing Body Wash, White Tea & Sage Shower Gel, and Eucalyptus Spearmint Bubble Bath.

2- Hair Care

Taking care of your gorgeous locks in winter is no less of a challenge. Those who can’t seem to stay without washing their hair every day in the winters should double their oil massage and hair masks routine. Let’s say you were oiling your hair twice a week in mild weather then do it, four times a week, every alternate day in the winters, the same goes for hair treatment. Use a good conditioner each time you rinse your hair even if it’s just a quick shower minus the shampoo. You should give the Lavender Vanilla Conditioner a try, as it nourishes and leaves your hair smelling great.

3- Moisturizers

We have come a long way in our beauty regimen from the time when ladies had two to three vanity jars on their dressing table and that was all to it. Now, moisturizers have evolved to match the different moisturizing requirements of our hands, feet and body. Yes, of course, a good moisturizer i.e. lotions and creams can be applied to the entire body but if you want soft hands and feet then pamper them with the one formulated for them. For those who still want one lotion to do the job, Marigold Body Lotion and Black Raspberry Vanilla Super Smooth Body Lotion are good choices.

4- Face Care

Even if you have a busy schedule, you’ll have a face care regimen and at its basic, it would be wash, tone, and moisturize. In winter, it’s good to remove your makeup with cleansing milk instead of directly jumping in with the toner even if you have oily skin. If you use a moisturizing lotion then alternate it with a moisturizing cream by your go-to brand but take care to stick to the same formula.

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