3 Ways To Consume Magic Mushrooms

If you are thinking of consuming psilocybin mushrooms, the first question one asks is how to consume them? Should I grind them, bake them, smoke them, swallow them straight, and consume them in foods or sweets or with drinks like tea?

If it is the first time that you ingest them, the experience with certain forms of consumption may be unpleasant and the idea is to increase mindfulness in the experience and enjoy the benefits that magic mushrooms give.

In this article, you will learn about 4 easy ways to consume psilocybin mushrooms, and we will even give you some easy recipes to prepare your mushrooms. 

4 easy ways to consume magic mushrooms

Eat them whole

The easiest and simplest way to consume mushrooms is to eat them directly, although for many people it is not their favorite way.

If the mushrooms are from your own crop, when harvesting we recommend cleaning them before storing them.

We recommend cleaning the mushrooms with a razor or knife through movements that go towards the base of the stem, you clean everything, discard the rest and you are left with clean mushrooms, then let them dry until they are crispy. Avoid soaking the mushrooms because it releases alkaloids as they are soluble in water.

If you haven’t cleaned the mushrooms before storing them and they are already dry, you can buy a mushroom brush from kitchen supply stores. These brushes come with bristles that are somewhat stiff to remove dirt but soft enough to preserve the mushroom meat. Or you can just wipe your mushrooms clean with a paper towel.

Magic mushroom tea

Most people who consume mushrooms raw and directly report feeling nauseated when chewing and swallowing them, which is why many prefer other forms of consumption such as Mushroom Tea. Mushroom tea does reduce nausea and the possibility of vomiting,  at least for the vast majority of people. There are many different recipes for mushroom tea online, but a very simple recipe is as follows:

First:  weigh the dose of mushrooms , in this article you will get the information about the recommended dose to consume? Dosage and Consumption of Hallucinogenic Mushrooms. The next step is to grind the mushrooms into a powder, then mince some ginger and add it to the magic mushroom powder. Pour hot water over the ginger-mushroom mixture and let sit for 10 to 15 minutes. If you want you can add a tea bag and add honey to your liking. It will be ready for you to enjoy a good tea.

Chocolate with magic mushrooms

As with tea, there are many recipes for mushrooms with chocolates. For example, one up mushroom chocolate and polka dot mushroom chocolate USA etc. Chocolate is great for covering up the flavor of the mushrooms, and we can add all kinds of ingredients like walnuts, almonds, and more to these chocolate balls to make them really delicious.

Next we will give you a very easy and simple recipe to make. You must have the following ingredients:

Magic mushrooms or truffles  (fully dried)

Store -bought chocolate bars  (whatever you want) with high cocoa content (80%+)

The recipe is as follows: Cut the magic mushrooms into small pieces, break up the chocolate and place it in a glass bowl.

Place a saucepan with water on the stove and place inside, the glass bowl with the chocolate pieces, we are going to melt the chocolate in a bain-marie. Let the water boil and melt the chocolate. After melting, remove the bowl from the saucepan and let cool for a second. 

When the chocolate has cooled down a bit but is still runny, add the finely chopped magic mushrooms. Stir the chocolate mixture to evenly distribute the mushrooms throughout the chocolate. Carefully pour the mixture into chocolate molds or a baking sheet, then place them in the refrigerator to cool and set. Once it has cooled, it’s time to enjoy them.

Important:  the main psychoactive ingredient of the mushrooms is psilocybin and this decomposes quickly when exposed to high temperatures, so we recommend  not placing them in any excessively hot substance, the mushrooms begin to lose their effects between 125 ° C to 150 °C In the recipe we recommend letting the liquid chocolate cool down a bit before mixing.

We hope you enjoy your magic mushroom trips with these 4 ways to consume psychedelic mushrooms. However, if you don’t want to make Shroom Chocolates at home, then you can purchase at mushrooms chocolate online USA.

Perhaps some of these recipes can slightly alter the experience by making consumption a little easier on your taste buds and digestive system, but be prepared that some recipes will give you a slightly faster and possibly stronger and more intense trip than eating mushrooms raw.

If you have more ways to consume your mushrooms, share it with the community in the comments, we hope to read you. If you liked this information or want us to write much more about this topic, also leave us your comments.

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