3 Video editing secrets you never knew

There are a lot of good suggestions available, spanning from artistic to practical, in-depth to brief. I’ll only give you three quick artistic and innovative tips.
It used to take ages of editing to produce a few minutes of video. It’s draining, and it’s by far the least efficient use of time.
Even after 1000s of hours, editing some of the higher-end work you perform for clients can take a long time.
But it’s not quite as taxing as it once was, and in the process, I’ve discovered three secrets, which I’ve mentioned here.

Obtain the appropriate software 

Having the correct tools should be first on our roster of video editing hacks. It’s not always simple to find the best film editing software to use because there’s so much on the street. Most of the time you will find overly expensive tools. There’s a lot of video editing software out there that can help you edit your videos quickly and easily. The truth is that the finest software is the one that you feel most at ease with. You’ll be able to pick up some software quickly, but it may be limited in features. Other applications will take longer to learn but will provide you with endless possibilities. Try to get a software which provides features like AI potrait and AR stickers. AI portrait Filter and AR sticker are a must you should look for in a tool. Determine where you fall on the spectrum and devote time to learning the ins and outs of any software you choose. Once you’re familiar with an editor, the work you put in will pay off.

Avoid using software that forces you to convert to a different format. Transcoding can result in errors or data loss, resulting in a reduction of quality.The majority of free video editing software only supports a small handful of popular consumer video formats and not features like AI portrait, Color grading and correction and AR stickers.

The needs for varied types of videos vary. Perhaps you’re just attempting to pull forth a feature clip from your road trip and all you need to do is a patch in various taped pieces. Alternatively, you may do a YouTube vlog that combines shock jock footage with instructive B-roll snippets.

Or you could be pulling something together from a motion comic with hours of material to filter from, computer-generated visuals to build, and special effects to add. Filming and editing will be influenced by what you want your final product to look like. There is an abundance of video editing software available. Some of them will be superior (if you have specific aims), but there are few, if any, right or incorrect answers when it comes to choosing video editing software.

Play with zoom, very often

In dramatic movies, use close-ups and medium shots.

Make sure you’re well aware of close-ups and medium shots when shooting storytelling movies or documentaries. They’ll pique your audience’s interest and elicit strong feelings. They will be able to analyse the speakers’ emotional states in the film, for example. People’s body language will likewise be more visible to viewers.

Close-ups and medium shots are crucial because physical clues frequently express far more than words.

Have a trustworthy system

Using a fast computer to edit videos will help a lot, more than you think. Because you’ll be doing all of your video editing’s on a computer, you’ll want to make sure your computer can handle the work you’ve set out to complete. As you might assume, the more complicated features you wish to include in your video (for example, computer-generated special effects), the more powerful computer gear you’ll want. You can swiftly edit your film and rely on presenting your message rather than waiting for your system to process endlessly.

Your choice of computer is wholly reliant on your particular tastes. There are many, however, techniques to accelerate up your pc, regardless of the model you possess. You can upgrade your RAM, purchase an SSD, upgrade your processor, and purchase the ideal video card.

Looking at what the programme you’ll be using suggests is the easiest approach to figure out what computer requirements you’ll need. Less powerful software necessitates less powerful hardware. A current Intel Core i5 or Core i7 processor should suffice. some software requires at least 4GB of RAM, you should have at least 8GB, because more is always preferable. You’ll feel delighted with 16GB more than if you’re undertaking very sophisticated or high-resolution video editing (4K+).

Whether or not you require a graphics card is determined by your software and the task at hand. Some applications do not necessitate the use of a graphics card.

If you are still here reading with us, you might be thinking of which software to choose. We highly recommend to use Filmora, and I’m sure you would have heard about it earlier.

Wondershare Filmora- Know more about the amazing features

There are many editors on the internet that you may use, but finding one that delivers all of the features for a novice can be challenging for a variety of reasons. Filmora serves all your purposes.  Screen recording, voice editing and text and transitions are just some of the basic features that Filmora has to offer. It also has a ton of great developer tools. You can, for example, modify a large selection of filters, overlays, visual components, transitions, and audio effects to let you produce beyond boundaries.

 AI portrait

AI portrait filters removes the backdrop of the video focus in just a matter of seconds. And the best part is, it is all done automatically! You don’t have to manually sketch outline your focus and then do it only to make it rubbish. Filmora does it automatically with the help of AI.

Custom animation title

Filmora uses its keyframing tool to add customizable animations that harmonise with the scene and improve the overall prettiness of the piece.

AR stickers

Rock with your video by adding fun elements into it! Wonderhshare now gives a great variety of 40 brand new stickers that detect human faces automatically and make the video dance on its own.

Newly added stock media option

Every editor knows how important it is to have an easily accessible stock media option. It’s now available in filmora, you can source media directly from websites like Unsplash, giphy, pixabay.

Those were the 3 exclusive secrets to video editing, that you need to put your hard work into right now. As basic as you could think, they are equally important to be brought into notice. The main focus has to be on the right software, and we have told you about our no.1 recommendation.

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