3 Tips to Keep in Mind When Hiring Overseas

So you’re hiring. You’ve recognized the need for specific talent and are excited about growing your team. You’re already planning how this new person will fill a void and how successful your business will be with their help. Awesome! Now comes the tricky part: actually finding said talent.

Since the Great Resignation, plenty of people have been searching for work — but not just any work. Potential employees today are looking for companies that fill their cup professionally and, in many ways, socially. Moreover, potential employees are also demanding better benefits and more flexibility. They know what they want, and they want to be paid adequately for it, too. All of this can make it challenging to find someone who fits both talent-wise and culturally.

While you may have avoided hiring overseas in the past, now may be the time to start looking abroad. Opening up your application pool can bring in a more diverse group of talented individuals. And with some tips in mind, it can actually be a relatively simple process. Keep reading to get a better sense of how to hire overseas and learn why it may actually be easier than you think.

1. Make the Necessary Legal Preparations

You may want to jump straight into hiring someone internationally, but first you need to think about the legalities involved. When it comes to hiring someone full-time abroad, there are various requirements regarding wages, benefits, and taxation. It’s essential to understand these before you hire. After all, your future employee will want to know that everything regarding their hiring and compensation is on the up and up.

You may be asking yourself if there is a way to outsource all of this. Well, there is! Provided you have a legal presence in the country of hire, you can contract with a professional employer organization. What is a PEO exactly? Essentially, a PEO is a service that can help you handle issues like payroll, benefits, taxes, and documentation for your employees abroad. Such firms can assist businesses looking to expand their workforce by managing day-to-day tasks associated with foreign hires.

Keep in mind, a PEO may not actually be the type of help you require. If you are looking to hire in a country where you don’t have a business presence, you’ll need an employer of record instead. EORs employ workers abroad on behalf of your company and handle all the same legal and administrative responsibilities that a PEO does, without requiring you to open an entity. This additional benefit makes an EOR a potentially more cost-effective solution than a PEO.

2. Post Jobs Strategically

Once you’ve addressed the legalities, the next step is posting your job on sites that get international traction. While you may be well-versed in hiring talent domestically, each country’s hiring landscape is a bit different. What works well in the U.S., for instance, may not translate for workers in Europe, Asia, or Central America.

How do you know where to post your job? There are particular job sites that are specifically for international hires and others that are for global use. Look online to see what job search engines are best for international hiring. This can help narrow down your field as far as where you are posting. Some sites like Indeed flag international postings, which can make your job open to domestic and international candidates.

When posting your job internationally, keep your descriptions clear and concise, avoiding idioms and other figures of speech. Because it will be read by individuals whose native language may not be English, you want it to be comprehensible. List specific requirements and describe what type of candidate you are looking for. Include a brief paragraph on your company along with a link to your website and social media accounts. This enables candidates who may not be familiar with your company to learn about it before submitting an application.

3. Conduct Interviews

Now that you have some applicants that you are interested in, the next step is to interview them. Luckily, most candidates are open to video interviews (thanks, pandemic). This is advantageous as you can interview multiple candidates in short order without having to factor in their travel time — or expense.

When interviewing an international candidate, you’ll need to take some key factors into account. First of all, know where in the world they are located and schedule a time that falls within their workday. Interviewing someone at 10 p.m. their time is discourteous and can reflect poorly on your company’s work-life balance. Secondly, be sure to ask questions that will provide insight on how comfortable they are working remotely. You’ll want to know, for example, about their experience working in a remote job before their first day.

Another thing to ask is why they are looking to work for a company in your country. They may have a dream of eventually relocating. Or they may just like what your company is doing and want to work for you regardless of where you’re headquartered. Uncovering their motivation for working remotely for a foreign company will enable you to set appropriate expectations. Of course, also let them know what working for you will look like and what policies exist to ensure a high-quality work life.

Taking the Plunge Into Global Hiring

Hiring abroad may take some extra brain power, but it doesn’t need to be rocket science. Before doing anything else, consider whether you need an EOR to help you employ foreign candidates legally. Then be sure you are reaching your target applicants by posting your job strategically. Finally, ask the right questions during the interview and let foreign candidates know what to expect from working for your company. While there are certain requirements to keep in mind, once these are addressed, you’ll be set to hire abroad.

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