3 Reasons Why Businesses Should Use Instagram

Instagram is the second great social media platform, which was created back in 2010. It very quickly became the beloved of young people, who started using it to post their photos and videos. In 2016 it was another social media platform named TikTok that took the upper hand over Instagram, and now Instagram is the second most used networking platform in the world. 

In the last decade, businesses started using Instagram for their businesses because of the big masses of potential clients hanging there. Studies and experience have shown that it is easier to reach a target audience on Instagram than via TV or newspapers. 

What is practical and good about promotion on Instagram and in general on social media is that SMM specialists can be hired to work remotely by, for example, a coworking space software

In this article, get acquainted with some of the reasons businesses should use Instagram. 

1. Increase the brand awareness

Instagram is a tool to put your product or service on and try to let people learn about your product. There are some algorithms that can help you reach more users on Instagram through your posts. SMM specialists know about the best time to post on Instagram and what tags and hashtags to use to make the post more visible. 

2. Retain customers

Interacting with your Instagram followers and visitors is essential. First, social media managers have to post content that is going to interest more people so that they can interact with likes or comment on it. And of course, it is important to reply to people’s comments and personal messages because “customers are king.” Customers won’t like to be left unanswered and unheard because that will immediately hit the reputation of your brand in their eyes.  

By the way, you can post some tips and hacks, which are going to be interesting and useful. For example, some information about the Ingramer story, which is a tool that allows you to watch stories even after they are gone. 

3. Video content

In 2022, the most effective type of content will be video content. It helps reach a much wider audience than the textual content and images. Video marketing is known to be the most effective type of marketing because of being catchy and easy to remember. A lot of companies prefer to make more videos and reels because that is a way to reach more potential clients on Instagram who don’t know about them. However, it must be said that a lot of companies apply for HVAC contractor insurance to secure their marketing projects. 


Instagram is relatively new but a strong tool for marketers to build their marketing strategy. Today it is difficult to imagine a marketing strategy that does not include promotion and sales on Instagram. Social media marketers have to know all the algorithms that help to reach a bigger masses of users on Instagram because research shows that finding customers on Instagram can help your business grow faster than on any other social media platform. 

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