3 Essential Functions for Your Home Office Printer

Working from home has become commonplace for many American workers. But a home office also means you need your office equipment, including a printer, to help you handle physical documents you need for your job. There is an enormous variety out there when it comes to small office printers, so how can you find the one that fits your work-related needs? If you have a business of t-shirt printing, you need to get the best printer for sublimation. Read this article to learn the three essential functions you should look for in a home office printer.

Fast Printing

You need a printer to print. But beyond that, you need a printer that will print crisp, clear documents for you in a short amount of time. This means using a laser printer for most home offices rather than an inkjet. Laser printers can process more pages per minute, and they’re better at printing high-quality black-and-white documents.

Inkjets produce slightly higher-quality color images than their laser counterparts. The one exception to this might be working with a lot of full-color documents. In these cases, a somewhat slower inkjet printer would be better for your specific job.

Sharp Scanning

A printer that can take a digital document and make it physical is just as crucial as a scanner that can do the opposite for the modern office. If you work with a lot of paperwork, you will need a scanner that can take a physical document and produce a high-quality digital copy. Ensure that your home office printer has a scanner that can create PDFs from any physical paperwork you might handle.

While it’s true that smartphone cameras can offer very high-resolution photos, a photo of a document is never the same as an actual scan. And when it comes to your work, you want something as clear and professional as possible, so a scanner is what you need.

Quality Copies

Last but certainly not least, your printer should also be able to create quality duplicates of your documents. Whether you need to mail a copy of a contract to a client or copy pages of a booklet for reference, you must be able to produce the copies you require to get your work done. Typically, this function is paired with a scanner, but you should always research to ensure that any machine you choose can provide you with the functions you need.

When shopping for a copy printer in Fairbanks, AK, these three functions should be the bare minimum that you search for. Look into additional functions that might improve your productivity based on the specific requirements of your work position.

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