3 Effective Approaches to Improve your Instagram Content Strategy

In our incredibly visually-driven world, you should be able to develop an Instagram content strategy that continuously arouses curiosity and excitement among your audience. Whatever your goals are, whether you intend to increase your followings on Instagram, utilize it more extensively to market your company or products, or place advertisements on your website, make certain you’re creating a well-conceived content strategy. This article will discuss three approaches to creating a robust and effective Instagram content strategy.

1. Take advantage of video marketing’s potential

Video marketing on Instagram has experienced a surge in the last couple of years, specifically with the launch of IGTV. That provides tremendous opportunities for how brands can leverage video as a marketing tool to reach new audiences. People are more interested in engaging with video content over images, so you should turn this in your favor. You should only upload quick and brief videos for your viewers to avoid becoming frustrated or even losing interest in your content. 

Also, you can embed several videos in a single post if you wish to cover a specific topic thoroughly. Whether you’re promoting an Instagram account focused on web development, design & branding, or digital marketing, deliver well-crafted video content that adheres to current industry-specific trends and topics. Videos should not be overly long or have poor sound quality since they will prevent viewers from engaging with them and your main account.

Be sure the topic of the video relates to the content you have published previously. Additionally, make certain the video is relevant and appealing to your audience. A great idea would be to demonstrate some of the features of a particular product and provide some guidance regarding its usage. Industry experts can answer questions posed previously and share their expertise on the subject matter. For example, if your Instagram account topic is regarding web development and you’re promoting a video about admin panels, try to show viewers how to make your own one that fits your company’s needs.

2. Encourage User Generated Content

One of the simplest methods to engage your audience involves integrating user-generated content into your Instagram content strategy. However, what exactly defines user-generated content?

User-generated content (UGC) refers to content created by or posted on a website by non-paid contributors. The contributor can be a customer, fan, or anyone who supports the brand’s message.

User-generated content is available in various formats, like images, videos, and text. UGC could be as straightforward as a customer sharing their experience with your product on social media. On the other hand, it may be something more complicated, like a short video they produce to raise awareness about the brand’s objectives and principles.

3. Embrace Creativity Through Instagram Stories

The other option is to use Instagram Stories to engage with your audience. Using poll stickers is an effective way to grab the interest of your audience and boost traffic to your account. Additionally, you can receive immediate feedback about your products, offerings, or the things you share via Instagram. Aside from that, with this feature, you can promote your offerings by sharing them with your followers. Finally, using Instagram stories makes it possible to promote webinars, discounts, and sales that will help generate leads for your business.

Using stories is also an efficient method of delivering behind-the-scenes content about ongoing activities at your company. As an example, when there is any new initiative at your workplace or when members of your staff are planning an event, it is worth sharing through stories. You can alternatively use software like Andcards to schedule team meetings that simplify the organizing process while enhancing team productivity.

Whenever you use Instagram Stories to market your business, you should keep in mind that they don’t stick around much longer. Therefore, they won’t be quite effective compared to other forms of content as users will possess full access for only 24 hours. As a result, audiences require a compelling message to keep them interested in each piece; otherwise, they will ignore the piece and shift their attention to something else that captures their attention more efficiently.


Instagram is an online platform that is constantly growing. Therefore, you have to always come up with fresh ideas for providing valuable content to your audience. By being creative with your content, you can engage viewers and build an authentic community of followers. You can use this to build your brand, generate sales, and establish yourself as an authority in your industry.

While it may take some time to frequently post on Instagram and experiment with different approaches to grabbing followers through storytelling, your efforts will pay off once you start gaining more visitors interested in your content on your feed.

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