Chaff cutters areimportant farm equipment used for cutting fodder, long grass, hay, straw, and other fodders. In Kenya, there are various chaff cutting machines supplied by different manufacturers and agents. Before focusing on chaff cutter price in Kenya, there are three important aspects that customers should know. These are: the mode of operation, types and suppliers; all highlighted in this article.

1. The Mode of Operation

Chaff cutter machines are operated by a manual system or powered. Powered machines have diesel or electric engines. The quantity of work is a key determinant in selecting the cutting machine based on operation mode. Knowing the mode of operation of the machine can help the farmer to purchase a cutter that will adequately serve their needs.

Manual cutters are operated using human force. This poses a challenge to some people. Diesel and petrol powered machines are versatile and more portable. On the other hand, electric chaff machines are not readily portable because they can only be operated in presence of electric power.

When it comes to chaff cutter price in Kenya, powered chaff cutters are costly compared to manual cutters. The cost of powered chaff cutter is determined by the cutting rate at which the machine works.

2. Chaff cutters available in Kenya

The Kenyan market has different types of chaff cutters that customers can choose from. Each type is designed to meet certain user requirements and budget. Below are common types available in Kenya;

3. Mini chaff cutters

These cutters are suitable when working with green and dry fodder. They are small and hence suitable for small and medium tasks.

4. Chaff cutter fitted with blower

The machine has a centrifugal blower for ejecting chaff from the system. This feature makes the packaging or mixing process to be easy.

5. Cum pulveriser chaff cutter

This is a two-in-one machine for cutting and grinding grains. This is the best option for farmers who want to make their own feeds to lower the cost of feeding animals.

6. Suppliers of chaff cutters in Kenya

Getting trusted chaff cutter suppliers in Kenya is the secret towards a successful process of acquiring quality equipment. The supplier can offer guidance on available chaff cutters, clarify on features, prices and operational scope for each model. The supplier can also advise or suggest good technicians who repair and sell equipment accessories.

Friends who have used such machines before can be asked to share their experience after using a certain brand or supplier. Another way of getting a trusted supplier is by searching online reviews from online platforms like company websites and social media. Visiting supplier’s premises can also give a clue about their services. The general appearance of the premise and how they treat customers who visit is an indicator of the nature of services they provide.

In Kenya, chaff cutter machine suppliers and shops are available in most major hardware and in major shopping centers.The chaff cutter price is in Kenya is likely to be high for renowned brands and manufacturers.

In Conclusion

When purchasing any farm equipment, market forces can be an obstacle because getting reliable information about the equipment can be very complex. Before looking for chaff cutter price in Kenya, farmers should be aware of the item features like mode of operation, chaff cutters available in Kenyan market and suppliers. This will save the hassle and losses that the farmer could incur.

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