2 Main Types Of Oil Press Machines And Their Benefits

An oilseed press machine is the crux of a seed-oil pressing operation that produces oil used either as an industrial product or a food product. This article gives you a brief description of the 2 main types of oil press i.e., the hydraulic oil press and the screw oil press.

An oilseed press machine is the crux of a seed-oil pressing operation that produces raw oil used either as an industrial product or a food product. There are 2 main types of oil press. They are the hydraulic oil press and screw oil press. Each of them provides various models. Customers choose the proper machine according to their requirements.

  • Hydraulic oil press: This machine uses the hydraulic principles for its oil expelling process to produce assured and pure edible oil. It combines the old oil extraction method with modern oil pressing technology. The hydraulic oil press is suitable for small oil mills and individual households due to its ease of use, flexibility, and high speed.


  • Hydraulic oil press is so simply-designed and easy to use that a single individual can quickly operate more than a couple of equipment at the same time thereby saving labor consumption. The whole operation of pressing and extraction of oil takes about 5 to 7 minutes.
  • The hydraulic oil press is modern advanced equipment with full automation that replaces the manual operation of extracting edible oil. It can expel up to 10kgs of seeds per batch. Its main part is made of silicon-manganese, ensuring longtime service and a reliable operation.
  • The greatest benefits ofa hydraulic oil press arethat the pressure is static, the oil friction is mechanical as well as small, and the grease is clear and can be used without any treatment making it convenient and safe. In other words, the pressing operation does not require you to add any chemicals.
  • Hydraulic oil press is multifunctional and very versatile. Over 30 types of seeds can be squeezed using this machine. The various nuts andseeds used with this machine are pine nuts, macadamia, almonds, perilla, camellia, mustards, olives, sesame, etc., and especially those with high commercial value.
  • Screw oil press: This is a popular machine, composed of a gearbox, pressing chamber, oil receiver, and feeder. The key part of a screw oil press machine is the pressing chamber containing a pressing enclosure as well as a rotating screw shaft in the enclosure. It also has an electric cabinet.


  • It highly improves the efficiency of your work due to the stable performance and high pressure of the pressing chamberthat ceaselessly produces high-yield oil. Moreover, it makes the operation of pressing oil easy by increasing the temperature quickly and expediting the breaking of the oilseed structure.
  • The gear ratio of the screw oil press not only maximizes the oil output but also saves about 40% more energy in the long run than other kinds. Besides, the heating device uses high temperatures that meet clean energy requirements and environmental protection all at the same time improving the grade of crude oil.
  • You can work continuously with a screw oil press because it uses automatic pressing of seeds. You only need to keep putting the seeds into the hopper and it can squeeze them automatically. The temperature control system can automatically adjust the temperature as well.

Rule of thumb

A good quality oil press should be able to extract oil without breaking it down. Each company promotes its product as the best machine in the market. However, we hope that the few factors mentioned above will give you enough information to guide you. For more, check sunflower oil extraction machine.

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