12 Hacks To Beat The Heat This Summer Without Air Conditioning

For the past few days, the temperature has seen to be constantly rising. Living in such heat can be troublesome for many. Seeing this, we prepared several recommendations that will become real salvation in this heatwave.

How To Beat The Heat?

Not following the ways to escape the heat can lead to several health problems. Thus, be careful and learn how to beat the heat with these easy tips.

1. Avoid Opening Windows During Daytime

Experts advise to curtaining the windows (especially if they face the sunny side) with the darkest and most dense curtains to make your room cooler. And all due to the fact that sunlight and warm air penetrating into the room warm it up more and more. In the evening, when the heat on the street subsides and becomes noticeably cooler, you can then open the windows.

2. Ventilate The Apartment Before Bed

If during the day, for fleeing from the heat, it is advised to close the windows, then in the evening, they should be opened as wide as possible. When the sun is not at its zenith and the heat outside is asleep, the apartment will not heat up. Thus, try to ventilate the apartment so you can sleep properly at night.

3. Give Up Meat, Sweets, Coffee, And Alcohol

Meat and sweets are very heavy foods. In abnormal heat, the body does not work at full strength, so it is more difficult for it to digest these products. Doctors advise to temporarily replace meat with vegetables, sweets with fruits, and coffee with water.

The body will feel a little lighter, and it will not be so difficult to endure the heat. Alcohol, by the way, affects almost the same as coffee, so it is also better to exclude it from the diet. However, if you are dependent on alcohol, like 27% of the veterans, excluding it from the diet can be difficult.

However, amid the heatwave, you can get help from professionals to treat alcoholism. For veterans, it is even more convenient as they can get Veterans Affairs disability benefits that cover substance abuse and mental health problems.

4. Drink Hot Tea

One of the most effective ways is to have a hot cup of tea. The body will warm up from the inside, and the external temperature will no longer seem so high. This is why doctors recommend taking a hot bath during the day, and at the exit of the room, the environment will seem more cool and refreshing.

5. Use A Spray Bottle With Cool Water

You need to use it as often as possible – this is the fastest and most natural way to help avoid overheating the body. Plus, additional hydration will not hurt either, so try to drink lots of water on hot days.

6. Place A Cup Of Ice In Front Of The Fan

In an ordinary room, the fan is useless – it drives warm air while also giving off heat from its work to the room itself. But if you put a cup of ice in front of it (or with cold water), then it will immediately become cooler. The air will cool, and the room will also become cooler with it.

7. Look At Green More Often

One of the strangest and most controversial ways, but doctors say that it helps, is looking at green more often. It turns out that green stimulates the nerve endings in the eye, which helps to normalize body temperature. Thus, you will feel better if you surround yourself with plants.

8. Take A Cold Bath

A cold shower is a classic cooling strategy, but don’t forget the cold bath as well. The cool water bath is like a comfortable small pool located in the house. Start by wetting your hair – no need to wash your hair, just chill it to feel fresh in the heat. Then fill the tub with slightly cool and refreshing water and immerse yourself in it.

Don’t be afraid to lie down longer; you can take a drink and a book with you to enjoy until the water warms up. To keep your core temperature as low as possible, try submerging yourself completely in water. Bathing in the bath reduces stress hormones and hardens the body.

9. Install Blinds

One way to keep your home cool in the summer is to avoid sunlight. In addition to installing fans, you should add sun shades to the windows and doors to prevent direct sunlight from turning the apartment into a greenhouse.

In the afternoon heat, when it gets a little cooler outside, open the windows but close the blinds. This will provide ventilation for the air but protect from sunlight.

10. Dress According To Weather

It is one of the most obvious ways to beat the heat. In scorching heat, it is better to wear loose clothes made of natural fabrics. Wear the colors that do not absorb the heat much such as light pink, green, white, etc., and ditch the black dresses for some time. With such a little change, you will feel much better and comfortable.

11. Try Water Workouts

Want to stay fit and at the same time beat the heat? Try some water workouts to feel fresh and cooler. You can go swimming, surfing, paddle boating, and kayaking. Such workouts that involve water are best for summer days when it becomes harder to train on machines.

12. Keep Bed Linen In The Refrigerator 

By analogy with the previous point, you should also be careful here. Even with a slight wind on cold sheets, it is very easy to get cold. Therefore, doctors advise using it as a last resort when all other options have already been tried.

Summing Up

It becomes difficult to stay active when the heat of the sun gets too strong on summer days. Some even develop heat-related sicknesses such as vomiting, headache, and nausea. Thus, you need to keep your body cool and beat the heat by following the tips mentioned above.

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