11 Common Mistakes in Designing a Brochure

Many people have to create a brochure for their business, but often they don’t know how to go about it. There are many mistakes that can happen when designing a brochure and this article will list 11 of them. If you want your company’s brochure to be successful, then you’ll need to avoid these common mistakes in designing a brochure.

1) Not Knowing Who You’re Marketing To.

One of the first steps is knowing who you’re marketing your product or service to. This means understanding what kind of person would most likely buy it. You need to know their age, sex, and their interests. This will help you in knowing what kind of language to use in the brochures and how to design it.

2) No Calls-to-Action.

Many companies forget that a brochure is just one piece of marketing material and that they should have other places where people can find more information. It’s important to always include a call-to-action on your brochures, no matter what size you make them.

3) Not Having Your Company Name or Logo Placed Everywhere.

One of the most simple things that people forget is to put their company logo and name everywhere. Some people only put it in one or two places and that’s not enough. You need to always include your company logo and name, even if it’s in the smallest size possible. This ensures you get as much recognition as possible.

4) Not Including a Table of Contents.

If you want your readers to be able to navigate through your brochure easily, then you’ll need to include a table of contents. This will help people to quickly go through it and find whatever section they are looking for. It’s always better to have one in there, even if you don’t need one right now because you can just add it later if your needs change.

5) Using Too Much Text.

One thing that people often forget is that they use way too much text in their brochures. Most of your readers are not going to want to read through huge blocks of text. You should limit yourself to about two or three sentences on each page, if not less. It’s best to have graphics and symbols throughout the text instead because it makes it easier for people to read.

6) Wrong Type of Font for Each Section.

It’s important to use a different font in each section of your brochure. If every section has the same font, then it will look uniform and dull. Using a variety of fonts helps you set certain sections apart from other ones and makes it so people will want to read them more. So, if you want to use a certain font for the title, then use a different one for the rest of the brochure.

7) Wrong Font Size.

Another thing that many people don’t think about is what size each section should be in their brochures. It’s best to have larger fonts at the top and smaller ones towards the bottom. This is so the reader isn’t overwhelmed with huge text when they first start viewing it and also helps them to finish reading it because there are fewer words on each page.

8) Not Knowing How to Design it.

Another problem with brochure design is that many people don’t know how to do it. They might try using a program like Photoshop, but they don’t know how to use layers or any of the other tools. So, before you start creating your brochure, make sure you have a grasp on how it’s done so you can avoid problems.

9) Wrong Color for Backgrounds.

Many people don’t think about the color of the backgrounds in their brochures. If you have one that has a busy background, then it will be harder to read through your text. So, just make sure you’re using plain colors instead of ones with too many objects on them.

10) Wrong Color for Text.

Another thing that people often forget is what color they should use for their text. There are several things you can do to fix this problem, including changing the color of your font or the opacity of the layer it’s in. This helps ensure that you’ll be able to see all of your text without it being too light or too dark.

11) Typos and Grammar Mistakes.

This is another problem that many people face when designing their brochures, especially if they’re not native English speakers. This is why you should always ask someone to proofread your work before you publish it. If you don’t do this, then you’ll have to go back and edit it yourself or pay someone else to do it.

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To save yourself the hassle of having to deal with these problems, just make sure to use Venngage. They’ll be able to help you get everything you need so your readers will read through it easily. Once you have this, then they can buy from your business and sign up for whatever products or services you offer. Then, you’ll be able to generate more revenue and grow your company as a whole. If you’re ready to make your own brochure, click here!

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