10  Tips for Effective Study in High School

Do you have to be born with brains to do well in school? Not necessarily. Many of the best students earn their grades because they’ve learned how to study effectively.

The good news about that is that you can learn too. Check out these 10 effective study habits of top students.

1. Be Disciplined During Study Time

It’s hard to concentrate during long study sessions. Instead, break it up into bite-sized pieces. A popular technique, called the Pomodoro method, involves studying for 25-minute stretches with a 5-minute break in between.

You’ll find it’s easier to focus for those short bursts and you’ll learn more even while taking time for breaks.

2. Cut Down on Interruptions

Of course, those short power sessions will get messed up if you’re constantly being interrupted. Take some time away from your family members to get some serious studying done — and don’t forget to silence your phone.

3. Family Time

This doesn’t mean that you ignore your family altogether. In fact, social time is good for your brain. So make some time to sit down with your family and enjoy dinner together, a movie, or maybe even a family game night.

4. Take Creative Notes

What do your notes look like? Are they just boring reiterations of facts and data from the textbook?

Spice it up a bit with different colours, charts, graphs, even doodles if that helps you remember the information. It takes more time but helps you be more effective at learning.

5. Study Outside

Would it be nice to be preparing for an English exam outdoors? Do it! Sunshine provides your body with vitamin D, a nutrient that helps power the brain. Plus, the fresh air will help keep your brain perked up and focused on the task at hand.

6. Take a Walk

Alternatively, if you don’t have a good place to study outdoors (or it’s too distracting) take a walk on one of your breaks. You’ll get the same benefits of being outdoors, plus exercise also helps stimulate the brain.

7. Edit Later

Always aim to finish up your papers the day before they’re due. It’s too easy to miss errors when editing immediately after writing it. Your brain will automatically fix it. Instead, edit at least a day later.

8. Stay Organized With Deadlines

To help ensure you get all your assignments done early, you’ve got to put your deadlines where you can see them. Put them up on your wall with a big wall calendar so you can easily see what each week holds.

9. Pique Your Interest With Interesting Tidbits

During your breaks, take a minute to read thought-provoking content that interests you. This will help you get your brain in focus mode — just don’t get distracted. When your break time is over, it’s time to get back to the books!

10. Fuel with Healthy Snacks

Last, but not least, keep a handful of easy, nutritious snacks on hand for long study sessions. But don’t reach for candy bars that will send you crashing. Instead choose nuts, berries, fruit, and other healthy snacks that will fuel your brain and keep you on the top of your game.

Become a Studying Machine

That’s it! Incorporate these habits into your routine and watch your grades start to rise. As a bonus, you’ll probably feel less stressed about school too!

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