10 Stylish Collections of Short Kurta for Men for This Diwali

Now that the festive mode is again back with Diwali coming in a few days, the fashion world is eagerly gearing up to refresh their stock with some vibrant collections ideal for Diwali. These include the evergreen short kurta for men and women at some of the best prices available. So let’s have a sneak-peak into these stylish collections of short kurta for women and men:

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1. When confused, wear linen white

Accept it or not, there is no color as elegant and class as white color. And topping it with linen fabric gives an exceptionally stylish look for men. If you are looking for wearing a class and elegant men’s festive wear for this Diwali, then check out white linen short kurta for men, as this kurta comes with pockets, long sleeves as well as a mandarin collar. These men’s kurta is comfortable and offers a minimalistic stylish affair.

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Style Tips:

You can pair your newly bought white linen kurta with white sneakers or juti for men for gaining that stylish contemporary look.

2. Cotton checked short kurta for men

Though solid colors never go out of style, the fashion trend has switched from solid colors to checked designs and variants. Some matching color contrasts like white solid kurta in black checks with full hands are nothing less than a declaration piece. That being said, get your new 2021 Diwali look with this semi-formal white cotton short kurtas for men.

Style tip:

You can add on a pair of sneakers or shoes to make a semiformal edgy look.

3. Printed short kurtas for men and women

Print is the new trend – as it says, the love for printed kurtas is in high demand these days, by both men and women, which is why printed kurtas have become quite popular among fashionistas. From block prints to Kalamkari and Ikkat prints, there has been a huge variety of printed fabrics available, which can be either stitched as per your fashion requirement or buy a fully stitched short kurta as per your size chart.

Style tip:

Add a pair of juti or classic boots to get that ultimate look for your festive occasions.

4. Yellow half sleeve short kurta

Not every men’s wear kurta can give you that young charming masculine look. But thanks to this yellow half sleeve short kurta for men, that you can get that extra charming guy look for this festive season. The good thing about this color kurta is that it looks good on types of skin complexion. As yellow represents a warm tone, wearing this color outfit would bring in a sense of joy and happiness for you.

Style tip:

Pair this light yellow half-sleeve kurta with white ankle-length cigarette pants to get that muscular look and tone.

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5. Striped short kurta for women and men

Are you that short person looking to elevate your height with the help of your style outfit? Well, then these striped cotton short kurtas are the ideal choice to go for. Striped kurtas have been one of the favorite kurta designs, by both men and women, as this design gives you an elevated look, in terms of height and overall personality. This means a short person can wear a striped kurta to make themselves feel tall.

Style tip:

As these stripe prints come most often in cotton fabric, it gives you that super comfy feel and looks for the user. Pair it with basic footwear and a watch to get going stylishly.

6. Collared short kurtas

No matter what design the kurtas come in, a collared short kurta is one such evergreen style that never goes out of style and always gives a refreshing look. Usually, a collared kurta with full sleeves is an easy-to-wear men’s kurta that can be worn for any occasion, be it festive, or casual. If you are looking for an all-time short kurta to wear for your next outing or festive occasions, never forget to try this collared full sleeve short kurta for men.

Style tip:

Give a minimalistic look with class and elegance by wearing contrast pants and a smartwatch.

7. Black short kurta for men and women

As we started up with white kurta, let’s end up with this elegant and most favorite partywear color – black kurta for this Diwali. Yes, you heard it right, last but not the least, black is one such color that nobody can refuse to go for when it comes to buying a short kurta. Be it a casual Friday mood, or that you want to dress up with style for this Diwali, black short kurta paired with blue jeans can never go wrong.

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Style tip:

All the ladies out there can also try this hot combination of black short kurta for women with blue jeans, to get that complete look. Add sunglass and formal shoes, and that’s it. You are good to go.

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