10 Signs That Your Loved One Has An Addiction

Do you suspect your loved ones may be on drugs or alcohol? It is best to know the signs of addiction to identify when your loved one has a problem. While some signs may be obvious, others may be difficult to spot since most users will try to hide them from you.

How To Tell If Your Loved Ones Are Taking Drugs Or Substances

Changes in Appetite

Some drug users gain weight while others lose it. Most drugs suppress appetite, which may lead to poor eating habits and weight loss. Other drugs boost the user’s appetite, leading to increased weight. If your family member has a changed weight they can’t explain, they are likely addicted.

They experience Withdrawal Symptoms.

If someone has been on drugs or alcohol, staying without the substance may lead to withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, nausea, high temperatures, or diarrhea. Some symptoms may be life-threatening and so, view more and seek medical care immediately even if you aren’t sure of the cause.

Presence of Drug Paraphernalia

People using drugs or alcohol will try to hide them. For instance, you may find bottles of alcohol hidden in different parts of the house. If your loved ones keep on sneaking off into their room, they have likely hidden drugs or alcohol. Look around for evidence in their absence.

Avoiding Family and Friends

Some drug users will often withdraw from their family or friends. They do that to avoid questions and consume their substance without interruptions.

Financial Constraints

While it is normal to have financial problems, some people may experience a money shortage that is unexplainable. Addiction is expensive, and its frequent need may lead to serious financial problems. Some addicts can even steal or borrow money. If money starts disappearing at home, find out if one of your family members is addicted.

Needle Marks

People who inject drugs are likely to have needle marks in the arms, legs, or feet. They will try to hide the scars. So, if suddenly someone starts wearing long-sleeved shirts or pullovers, find out what they are hiding. If a user doesn’t observe good hygiene, the scars may get infected.

Change in Sleep Patterns

Drugs or alcohol can lead to irregular sleep patterns. Most users stay awake all night, sleep in the daytime, or may even sleep in the middle of a conversation. Investigate why your loved one is sleeping at odd hours because it may be a sign of addiction.

Decreased Performance

Addiction can easily dominate a person’s life to the extent of making the use of drugs or alcohol the only priority. Students using drugs have higher chances of dropping out, falling in grades and missing out on school. Working addicts often fail to show up or report late to work. This is because of fatigue and tiredness that comes with addiction. If you notice such changes, find out if your loved one is on drugs.

Uncommon Smell

Alcohol and some drugs have unusual smells that may be hard to cover up. Some users use strong perfumes to hide the odors in their rooms. However, if you are keen, you will notice the smells in their car, room, or on clothes.

Decreased Grooming Habits

Addicts concentrate more on drugs or alcohol and stop minding their looks and hygiene. The mental impacts of drugs affect how a person lives. If you see your loved ones avoiding showers, changing clothes, or having unkempt hair, they may be in addition.

If you are convinced that your family member is using drugs, the first step is to talk to them. Addiction is manageable if the addict is ready to cooperate. Take them to a rehab center and start addiction treatment.

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