10 plants that are suitable for a resort-style home

Highlights of a resort-style house is a house that is surrounded by nature and provides a relaxed atmosphere. Residents will feel like they’re resting. Of course, this resort-style house is completely lacking in green space. Both indoors and outdoors must have plants to add freshness. And when looking for a tree to decorate the house, if it is an auspicious tree as well, it will bring both freshness and auspiciousness to the homeowner. It’s called killing two birds with one stone. Therefore, today, AYB Resort house is a resort-style house building, so we combine 10 popular auspicious trees that are suitable for a resort-style house for you. What are the beginnings to follow?

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1. Dracaena

The ascendant tree is considered an ancient auspicious tree. Popularly planted in almost every home. with a name that is auspicious It is also believed that it will promote prosperity. and enhance stability If the fortune we planted is “flowering” when people in the house will get good fortune. won the lottery, rich numbers as well

2. Chinese taro

An auspicious plant that has been popular for a long time, paired with the “Lucky Tree” because it is believed that the “Nang Kwak Tree” will help bring money and fortune to enhance wealth for the house that is planted. There is also a belief from the Chinese that planting Nang Kwak will make the homeowner live longer. The Nang Kwak tree is a sacred tree that is popularly planted in beautiful gardens.

3. Zanzibar gem

The Emerald Kwak Tree is an auspicious tree in the story of bringing money and gold into the house. Calling wealth, fortune, increasing financial opportunities, good work, like worshiping Nang Kwak. The emerald kwak is popularly planted as an ornamental potted plant in the home. If taken care of until flowering, it will increase the chances of financial, work, and fortune.

4. Ribbon dracaena

Is a perennial plant that is synonymous with “Goddess Guan Yin” which is a deity that Chinese and Thai people of Chinese descent respect. therefore believed to be a sacred tree because besides the auspicious name In the past, this type of tree was still used to perform in worshiping the gods. get rich Helping to enhance the prosperity of the home and its inhabitants.

5. Guiana chestnut

It is a tropical perennial. It is an auspicious plant because it has a name that has a good meaning in both Thai and Chinese languages. In Chinese, this tree is called. “Yao Qian Su” means to call money or shake money. According to Feng Shui, it is believed that good luck. It is a tree that helps attract money into your home or office. If planted, it will bring good luck, wealth and prosperity.

6. Alocasia

It is a herbaceous plant of the same type as Bon. Some people call it Wan Kaew in front of a horse or a good idea. It is believed that planting will prevent evil things, unfortunate things, and make the grower fulfill everything. There is good fortune and is also known for great mercy. Helping to trade well and be profitable. If a glass of goodies blooms Means what you hope will come true It also has air purification properties.

7. Snake plant

It is believed that the “Dragon Tongue Tree” will help dispel bad things from our lives. Because some people call this tree another name. “Indra’s spear”, which is one of the weapons of Indra used to fight and protect enemies from outside. In addition to being auspicious. Dragon tongue is also an air purifier that can help absorb toxins and purify the air in your home.

8. Chinese evergreen

“Chinese evergreen”, also known as “Aglaonema”, is an auspicious plant that is believed to be auspicious if planted in the house to enhance prosperity and fortune. It also developed from a ten thousand year old green tree. or tree kaew kanchana which is known as invulnerable Therefore, it is considered a beautiful tree and adds glory to the planting site.

9. Heliconia

“Heliconia” is the flower of Lampang Province. with different names, such as lobster claws, lobster claws, necklace Gathli, Heliconia, Tamarack tree is an ornamental plant that helps to promote luck. The ancients believed that planting Dharma in front of the house will help prevent danger from evil things. Keeping and protecting family members

10. Gossip tree

“Koson” has a name synonymous with the word “kusala” which means making merit and making merit. If planted in the house, it will bring peace and tranquility to the family without conflict. The gooseberry is a popular perennial plant. because it has beautiful colors And it also helps to enhance the prosperity of the home as well.

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