10 Mental Health Tips For Instant Result

If you are mentally strong then you are completely in your power. You have a lot of energy, experience less stress and you dare to chase your dreams. Because you are mentally strong, you can deal with your thoughts, feelings and emotions much better. You notice that life is going well and you don’t worry so much (about what others think).

If you are not feeling well at the moment, try the following tips. These tips come from mental health expert Nick de Waard.

1. Don’t spend your energy complaining

Complaining will not get us anywhere. Only action. Of course you can vent your heart out with friends, family or colleagues with whom you feel comfortable. But make sure you don’t get caught up in it. Complaining gives you the idea that you can’t do anything about the situation, while there is almost always a solution if you take action.

2. Set clear boundaries

If you don’t clearly know what you stand for and don’t communicate that, there is a good chance that people will go beyond your boundaries. When someone guzzles energy from you, feel free to indicate that now is not the time. By indicating your limits in a healthy way, you ensure that your energy stays with yourself and you do not constantly give it away to someone else. This will make you mentally stronger.

3. Don’t let others dictate your emotions

Always try to stick to your own gut feeling. If you feel the way you feel, then so be it. If others speak badly of you, leave it with them. Make sure this doesn’t affect you. This way you keep matters in your own hands and you don’t let anyone dictate your emotions.

4. Let go and keep going

Have things happened in the past that upset you? That can happen. To become mentally stronger it is important that you let go of the past. This time has passed. You don’t have to forget the past, you can carry it with you forever, but make sure it becomes a burden for the present.

5. Discover your core values

It is so important to know yourself. Who are you and what do you stand for? What do you like and what not? Discovering yourself is part of self-realization. To become mentally stronger it is crucial to discover who you really are. Someone who stands for nothing falls for everything.

6. Forgive the other

You do not forgive for others, but for yourself. Being mad at someone hurts you more than that other person. This is because you are wasting your precious energy worrying about what someone else has done to you. This drains all your energy. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you approve of what the other person has done. It just means that you let go of the anger towards this person.

7. Don’t be a victim, be a solver

There’s no point in becoming a victim of life. Unfortunately you won’t get any further with it. Are there things happening that you would rather not have had? Then try to deal with it positively and look for a solution. Take back the power over your thoughts and try to find a positive solution.

8. Don’t give up your happiness

When your happiness is dependent on someone else, there is a good chance that you will become a pleaser. The fact is, not everyone likes you, but they don’t have to. The most important thing is that you like yourself, that’s all that matters.

9. Dare to make choices

Is something not comfortable for you? Have you been faced with a choice for a while, but don’t you dare? You become mentally stronger if you dare to make bold moves. These are choices that you feel are necessary, but which require a lot of courage. For too long we go on with one thing, when we know it’s better to choose something else. Dare to take this step and trust that life will catch you.

10. Start Meditating

To become mentally stronger, I can advise you to start with meditation. By meditating regularly you get a grip on your thoughts again and you can make better choices from a quieter consciousness.

Do you want more help with your mental health? Then go to Nick de Waard’s website:

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