10 Kid-Friendly Vacation Ideas During COVID-19

Covid 19 has severely affected life as we know it, causing governments and the world health organization to impose draconian measures such as lockdowns and closure of cities to prevent the spread of the disease. In turn, this has led to an unrelieved cycle of remaining cooped up indoors.

The new lifestyle has taken a toll on every one of us, especially children whose innate preference is to be outdoors playing with their peers. The new norm has left most of us yearning to be outdoors, something we took for granted before the pandemic.

How COVID-19 Has Affected Vacationing?

In light of these unsolicited developments, holidaymakers have had to reformulate their vacation ideas. New publications suggest that staycations with large outdoor expanses are the hot vacation destinations presently, where vacationists can take a break from the lockdowns and confines of the pandemic.

Vacationing During COVID-19

Being outdoors is top on all vacationists’ lists since it’s a definite cure to the surreal lifestyle the pandemic has forced us into living. At farm stay Sydney, holidaymakers get fresh air in abundance, large open spaces for kids to play, nature and a peaceful evening with a sky full of stars.

Vacationing At a Farm

There are many outdoor activities at the farm to keep the family engaged and bonding as they undertake the activities. Feeding some of the animals on the farm is a refreshing break from the screens and social media. Collecting eggs is also another farm activity the city dwellers can enjoy since they hardly get such an opportunity.

Farm Trail Adventure

When you’ve had your time with the animals, you can embark on a long walk on our trails, where you will get the experience of being fully immersed in nature, taking in the fresh air under the trees scented with a mix of sweet flower fragrances. Some farms also have rivers and artificial water bodies, which can be soothing and relaxing to be around.

Farm Fun Activities

The best thing about farms is their spacious nature, which allows them to include many activities. Some farms are well equipped with a game room, hiking and canoeing, and activities involving the entire family. The farm can accommodate a big family; hence it makes a great family reunion. Learning about the farm’s machinery and how the farm runs is also quite interesting for city dwellers.

Other fun activities to anticipate at farms include tennis, swimming, archery, badminton and table tennis. Taking turns enjoying this myriad of fun activities will take your mind away from the pandemic and the present-day lifestyle of lockdowns and staying home.

Farm Pets And Wildlife

Children will delight in encountering the many animals in the farms, such as kangaroos, ponies and alpacas, which they will enjoy petting and playing with. It will also be a practical learning experience for the kids, interacting with rare animals such as the Kangaroo and the alpacas.

After the many activities offered by the farms, the vacationists and children can retreat for a sumptuous, fresh, home-cooked meal made using ingredients and meat from the farm. Another reason farmstay Sydney is a great idea for family vacations is to enjoy fresh and healthy food, which is hard to come by in the locked-down cities.

An Afternoon At The Farm

The family and children can enjoy less rigorous farm activities such as bush trails and bird watching in the afternoon. One may get lucky to spot a few wildlife animals going about their lives in their natural habitat on the bush trail. Binoculars and bird watching guides are available at the farm and children get to observe various species of birds.

Yabbying, Sunset And Dinner

At the bushwalk’s end, a nice family activity of catching crayfish known as yabbying by the locals awaits. It requires sticking a piece of meat on a stick and using the stick to catch crayfish in the river. The family can then go and prepare the caught crayfish or yabbies for a memorable family dinner at the farm.

As the sun sets, the family prepares for an outdoor dinner at the farm, watching the stars in the sky. A campfire is set to ensure everyone is warm and comfortable and the kids use the fire to roast marshmallows. With the current covid 19 pandemic, farmstay Sydney is the best family getaway retreat, which guarantees a lot of fun and bonding and a much-needed break!

Author’s Bio: Lisa Eclesworth is a notable and influential lifestyle writer. She is a mom of two and a successful homemaker. She loves to cook and create beautiful projects with her family. She writes informative and fun articles that her readers love and enjoy. You can directly connect with her on email – [email protected] or visit her website

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