10 Delightful Things To Do on a Cruise

While you might think traveling on a cruise means mostly visiting exciting ports and beaches, you’ll spend most of the time on the ship. If that sounds dull that’s because you’ve never been on a cruise. There are many delightful things to do while you’re at sea. Here are some of them.

1. Go Swimming

When taking one of the many cruises from NYC, you’ll be amazed at how big the ship is., It’s like a floating town with thousands onboard and a deck large enough to hold a swimming pool where you can relax and bask in the sun or get your daily laps in.

Best of all, you can relax in a lounge chair and sip a cocktail while watching the sunlight sparkle off the ocean water. You’ll be refreshed in no time.

2. Get Pampered

Most cruise ships have a spa where you can enjoy a massage and then get a facial. You can also get a manicure and a pedicure and feel refreshed. Not only is a spa a way to detox and unwind, but it’s also a great time with friends as you get pampered together.

A massage enhances productivity at work, but it’s also valuable when at play. It lowers stress and your blood pressure. It eases pain and gets you ready for when the ship reaches port.

3. Visit a Casino

Whether you like playing BlackJack or enjoying a few rounds of video poker, most cruise ships have a casino where you can play games, and maybe even win some cash.

4. Watch a Live Show

Most cruise ships have a theater hall with two or three different shows offered on different evenings. You and your loved ones will enjoy the live entertainment.

5. Enjoy an Elegant, Dressy Dinner

There’s always an elegant dining room on every cruise ship with a dress code requiring formal clothes only. If you enjoy dressing up and dining on fine cuisine while relaxing with friends and making new ones, then the cruise ship’s dining hall is for you. You might even get to sit at the captain’s table.

6. Enjoy Fast Food

If you prefer eating on the deck or in your room, there’s always a pizza or burrito bar where you can load up on fast food that you can take to the deck and enjoy while you watch the sun setting on the ocean. Or carry it back to your room to watch videos and unwind.

7. Play Games

Every cruise ship has an activity director who creates fun activities for you to participate in while you’re on board. These can be contests or theme events where you dress as a fun character. There are also a number of games available, including basketball and ping pong.

8. Enjoy the View

If you prefer strolling on the deck, you’ll get a spectacular view of the ocean. Depending on where your ship is located in the ocean, you can see dolphins at play, or maybe you’ll even see a whale.

9. Go Clubbing

There will likely be a nightclub where you can enjoy dancing. Many of them have light shows pulsating to the beat of the music. You’ll be able to show off your best moves and get lots of fun exercise. Or if you want something more sedate and less noisy, head over to a lounge and enjoy the ocean view while looking through a window and sitting in a comfortable lounge chair where you can enjoy a cocktail.

10. Go Exploring

Cruise ships tend to be beautiful works of art in and of themselves, so be sure to take time to explore the ship. You’ll be amazed at the luxury that’s available.

Ask anyone who has been on a cruise ship and they’ll tell you that the best part of taking a cruise is being on the ship itself, so be sure to take advantage of all the amenities.

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